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Meet Blake Anderson Hanley - Former Spouse of Emily Wickersham

Published Thu Jan 23 2020 By Akki
Meet Blake Anderson Hanley - Former Spouse of Emily Wickersham

The American native, Blake Anderson Hanley is a versatile singer, songwriter, and producer who is the front man of Ghost Lion. He is very famous for hit singles such as Sinking Stones, So It Goes, and Shot the Sun Down

He is an ex-husband of a renowned actress Emily Wickersham. Currently, he resides in Palm Island, Florida, United States.

Here are some facts about Hanley;

What's his Net Worth? 

Blake Anderson Hanley has an estimated net worth of $600,000 and the major source of his income are his profession as a musician and record producer. He has set a benchmark from the musical project Ghost Lion. 

Following the success of the star, it won't be shocking to see him being a millionaire.

A picture of Blake from his concert.
Blake performing at sunfest.
Image Source: Insta@ghostlion

Merchandise Business

Hanley owns a merchandising business on his own, which sales revenue directly goes to his bank. He has a website for his merch, where all types of clothes and accessories can be purchased online. The Skeleton Tee t-shirt is available on his website, which can be your's for $25, All his fans and admirers can support him buying his merchandise.

Ex-Spouse - Emily Wickersham

Currently, the musician Hanley is living a single life, formally he was once married to NCIS star, Emily Wickersham. The lovebirds walk down the aisle on the 23rd of November 2010. The duo's wedding ceremony took place at Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys, which was attended by very few selected guests. 

They started their relationship as the best friends, which eventually turn into a romantic connection. However, the lover's charismatic attachment turned sour as years passed. As the personal issues get unstable, the couple came up with the decision to split up and got divorced in December 2018.

A photo of Blake and Emily together.
Blake and Emily at the 2014 Operation Smile Gala.
Image Source: Getty Images

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Apparently, after the divorce, Hanley has kept himself fully busy with his works. Since he has returned to his hometown Palm Beach County, he is engaged with his profession as a domestic violence lawyer. As a responsibility lawyer, he has devoted his precious time to helping the local citizen with the Legal Aid Society.

Ghost Lion

Ghost Lion is an alternative indie genre musical project of Blake. As a musician, he starts to write songs at the age of 10. Following his newly project, his band has been jamming in shows, events, and tours. 

On September 25, 2017, he released EP 'Ballad of St. Panama', which includes Wrong Guy, Our Ship, and Broken Glass. 

Blake performing at Sunfest.
Blake in the 2019 sunfest.
Image Source: Ghostlion Instagram

Social Media Presence

When it comes to online presence, Blake Hanley is active on the social platform. He has an Instagram with 5.59k+ followers, which goes by the user name of Ghostlion. In his account, he keeps posting photos and videos of his day to day life alongside his work.

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