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Facts About Bill Higgins – Barbara Corcoran’s Husband and Former FBI Chief

Published Thu Jul 02 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Bill Higgins – Barbara Corcoran’s Husband and Former FBI Chief

Bill Higgins came into the public eye when he got married to Barbara Corcoran, an American businesswoman, investor, author, and television personality.

Furthermore, Higgins is a former FBI agent as well as a retired Navy Captain. During his service, he has always given his best and gave his country the priority. 

Take a look at some facts that you don't know about Higgins.

What's His Net Worth?

Former FBI agent Higgins has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He collected his worth by serving as an army. He has worked as an FBI agent and now he is a retired Navy captain. 

According to Pay Grade, a Navy captain's projected retirement pay after 20 years would average $5,238 in year one after retirement and rise to $11,752 per month forty years after retirement. 

Wife's Net Worth

Wife Barbara Corcoran's net worth is around $90 million whereas she earned a massive amount from her business. She has invested $5,465,000 on 'The Shark Tank'. Besides business, she increases her huge wealth as a television personality, consultant, and author. 

Martial Life of Bill Higgins

Retired Navy Captain Bill Higgins got married to his love of life Barbara Corcoran on February 15, 1998. They got engaged in 1983. 

The couple met in 1981 at a conference in a suburb outside of New York City and after meeting several times they started dating. Since 1983, the two have been living happy and are parents of two children. They have already completed more than three decades of married life.

Bill Higgins and his wife Barbara Corcoran.

Higgins' Love Life Before Meeting Corcoran 

Higgins was married before having a relationship with Corcoran. He was married and was father of four children. But the information about his previous wife and children is disclosed. 

Has Two Children With Barbara

Bill is blessed with two children; a son and a daughter. His wife gave birth to their son, Tom Higgins, via in Vitro fertilization, with an egg denoted by her sister, Florence. Later, Higgins adopted a daughter and named her Katie Higgins who has some learning disabilities.

Son Tom Higgins and daughter Katie Higgins with mother.
Image Source: Twitter

Journey of a former FBI Agent and retired Navy Captain

Bill began his career when he joined in the U.S. Naval Academy from 1966  to 1967. Later, he worked as Boxing Mentor and Assistant Freshman Soccer. Then he joined the U.S, Navy as Supply Officer onboard 2 FORT MANDAN. in 1970, he served as Assistant Midshipmen Mess officer and training. 

A former FBI Agent and retired Navy Captain Bill Higgins.
Image Source: Pinterest

After that, in 1975, Higgins joined U.S. Naval Reverse in which he worked in several areas such as Commanding Officer, Advance Offer Foundation Device 102, Officer in 2 4 Mixed Forces Control Seoul, Korea. He had been entrusted through Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm for the Logistic Service Force of the Navy. He retires for a Captain of providing Corps in Defense Logistics Company Headquarters. 

Again, in 2004 Bill get together with the New York Naval Militia.

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