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Bill Barnwell - Sportswriter from ESPN | Most Interesting Facts About Him

Published Mon Sep 20 2021 By Kri
Bill Barnwell - Sportswriter from ESPN | Most Interesting Facts About Him

Bill Barnell is a well-known American sports and staff writer for popular sports network His writing covers a wide variety of sports; football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, and mixed martial arts. 

He also worked as sports editor at IGN Entertainment and managing editor at Football Outsider. The primary focus of Barren is NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Early Life

Bill was born on July 5, 1984, in America. He did his Bachelor's degree from Northwestern University in communication and media study. He had started off his career as a sportswriter while still in university. He started out his career as an intern for Football Outsiders, a football statistics and analytical website. 

Net Worth 

With all the dedication and hard work as a sports and staff writer, Barnwell has an estimated annual salary ranging from 400k-500k. With all the estimations and assumptions we can say that Bill Barnell has a net worth of more than $1 million. 

He is found to be living a happy and modest life with all his income and earnings that he accumulated by having a successful career as a writer. 

Battle With Depression

Barnell battled with depression and body image when he gained the weight back in 2015. He was 206 pounds in 2008 but later in 2015 his weight almost doubled and increased to 334.7 pounds. 

Bill Barnell when he gained weight in 2015

Following the weight gain in 2015, he worked out really hard and passionately and also followed a very strict diet chart. This resulted in Bill losing 125 pounds in a year. He also wrote about his journey and about his depression.

I lost 125 pounds in 2015 and so I wrote about, addiction, depression, body image and how I got back on track. - Bill Barnell

Personal Life

Bill Barnell has yet to reveal his personal life and his relationship status. He is the person always finding and keeping his way out of the media. He doesn't like to involve his private life in the media. 


Bill started out his career as a sports editor and further continued his work as managing editor for Football Outsiders. After gaining work experience in two different fields Barnell later worked as a writer for sports and pop culture websites, Grantland which is affiliated with ESPN. 

He has also written for NBA, UFC, Premier League, and many other sports leagues. He also appears often as a guest in B.S Report. In 2015, Barner was assigned a full-time job at ESPN as a writer. 

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