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Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery and Tattoos – Before and After Surgery Pictures

Published Thu Jun 20 2019 By Akki
Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery and Tattoos – Before and After Surgery Pictures

Bernice Burgos is a model who is very proud of herself to enhance her body, where she doesn't like to keeps secrets and frankly speak out about her plastic surgery. She always talks about how good she looked after her surgery and mention things doctor doing by using her pictures for marketing proposal.

The entrepreneur Burgos goes to the gym for her regular out work to maintain her breathtaking figure. She had also done numerous tattoos on her body.

Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

The mother of two (Ashley Burgos, and Amarie Burgos) Bernice Burgos looks stunning even on her 39 years old as of 2019. If we compare the before and after pictures of her, we can clearly find some obvious changes in different parts of her body like difference out there on her breast and butt.

 Bernice Burgos before and after picture.
 Bernice Burgos before and after picture.
Image Source: Insta@realberniceburgos

Butt Job

Bernice in an interview on The Breakfast Club, she speaks out about having butt job done, where she loves to have big ones and fell it. She also talks out about going on strip club name Sin City Cabaret in The Bronx, New York after she thought of enhancing body, where she saw body figures of Spanish girls and wanna have a body like them. 

She even speaks about being skinny on her 18 where she used to take pills stuff and story about joining the gym and getting a good shape of legs.

Bernice taking a picture before entering her car.
Bernice Burgos pose for shot by her car.
Image Source: Insta@realberniceburgos

Breast Implants

Bernice Burgos admitted for having her breast implants and she is very proud about it. She speaks out that she had breast implants for uplift her modeling career. She talks about problems she had on her photo shoot where some time she had to be topless for a shot and her boobs were not sitting up perfectly which lead her picture look not so good with those titties.

Bernice Burgos breast before and after.
Bernice Burgos breast before and after.
Image Source: Insta@realberniceburgos

Tattoo and their meaning

Bernice Burgos has multiple tattoos done over her body with different meanings on it and some are enlisted below;

Inked on Her Left Middle Finger

Bernice Burgos has the word “Queen” tattooed on her left middle finger representing herself as a queen.

Tattoo on Her Left Index Finger

Burgos has a tattoo with the word “Beautiful” revealing her beautiful on her left index finger.

Bernice Burgos Tattoo.
Bernice Burgos Tattoos picture compilation.
Image Source: Insta@realberniceburgos

Love on her Right Index Finger

Bernice Burgos has a tattooed with the word “love” on her right index finger indicating pure love. 

Rose on her left Upper Arm

Bernice Burgos has a tattoo of beautiful red rose with her name “Bernice” written on the middle of it on her upper arm.

Tributed Tattooed on Her Right Upper Arm

Burgos has the word "INDIA" inked on her right upper arm tribute to her granddaughter. 

Fish on her Left Side Lower to Boobs

Bernice Burgos has an outlined fish inked on her left side lower to boobs.

Cross Over Her Upper Back

Burgos has a tattoo of a Cross sign with some of written over her upper back showing her dedication and faith toward her religion.

Inked on Her Lower Stomach

Burgos has a cross inked on her lower stomach symbolize her religion believes.

Flower on Her Bikini Line

Bernice has a flower tattoo on her bikini line.

Tattoo on Her Right Ankle

Burgos has another cross tattoo over her right ankle with loyalty in religion.

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