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Beloved Beach Boys Member, Jeffrey Foskett, Passes Away at 67

Published Thu Dec 14 2023 By prazu
Beloved Beach Boys Member, Jeffrey Foskett, Passes Away at 67

Jeff Foskett, a cherished member of The Beach Boys, passed away at 67.

Renowned for his role as a guitarist and falsetto vocalist within the iconic surf rock ensemble, Foskett contributed as both a studio artist and a touring musician since the early '80s. Initially joining the Mike Love-led version of the Surfin' Safari ensemble, he also lent his talents to the Brian Wilson Band. 

Jeff Foskett, a cherished member of The Beach Boys, passed away at 67.
Jeff Foskett, a cherished member of The Beach Boys, passed away at 67. Photo Source: Instagram

In more recent times, Jeff united with the band - originally formed by the Wilson brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis, along with cousin Love and friend Al Jardine - during their 50th Anniversary Tour in 2012. 

Foskett's involvement in this milestone tour, briefly reuniting Love and Wilson, marked a significant chapter. Subsequently, he toured with Love until his diagnosis in 2019 with anaplastic thyroid cancer.

Earlier this year, the artist took to Instagram to reveal that he had been undergoing treatment for the past four years.  

Beyond his contributions to The Beach Boys, Jeff ventured into solo music releases. He collaborated on recordings and tours with renowned figures such as Paul McCartney, Barry Manilow, Eric Clapton, and several other notable artists, as detailed on his official website. 

Wilson shared on Instagram that Foskett passed away, expressing deep sadness and calling him a dear friend. He praised Foskett for his talent, calling him one of the most skilled musicians he knew. Jeff was not only a great guitarist but also an exceptional singer and a crucial part of their tours. 

Wilson remembered meeting Jeff for the first time in 1976 when Foskett was a fan of his music. He invited him in, and they remained friends ever since. Wilson sent love and support to Jeff’s family and friends, expressing that they would always remember him.

Love and his wife Jacquelyne honored the late musician on Instagram. Love posted a collection of photos with the singer/guitarist from recent times and mentioned that a member of The Beach Boys family had passed away.  

Love described Foskett as incredibly special and beloved by many. He praised Jeff's sense of humor, talent, charm, and kind heart that everyone who knew him noticed. Known as 'The Voice' for a good reason, Jeff had an amazing ability to harmonize and sing beautifully. Love imagined a grand celebration in heaven with Jeff's voice leading the heavenly party. 

John Stamos, who has joined The Beach Boys occasionally since 1985, honored Jeffrey Foskett's memory. The 60-year-old actor shared cherished photos from their 40-year friendship on Instagram, along with a heartfelt message.  

Stamos began by expressing the deep loss of not just a friend but a part of his soul and history. He described Foskett as his dearest friend, a brother, and the brightest light in his life. Stamos mentioned how his 5-year-old son, Billy, helped him through this grieving period. He praised Foskett's sense of humor and uplifting nature, highlighting the profound impact Jeff had on his life.  

The actor credited Jeff for introducing him to The Beach Boys' harmonies, bringing color and joy into his life. Reflecting on their 40 years of friendship filled with laughter, transformative music, and an unbreakable brotherly bond, Stamos expressed immense gratitude for every shared moment, note, and piece of wisdom.

Another founding member of The Beach Boys, Al Jardine also reflected on Foskett's loss, acknowledging his consistent connection with the band, no matter his role.  

In a statement shared on Wednesday, Foskett's family thanked fans and friends for the overwhelming love and support they've received. They expressed deep appreciation for the stories, tour memories, and joy Jeff brought to people's lives.

Before his cancer diagnosis and the release of his final album, Voices, Foskett spoke to Rolling Stone about his journey from being The Beach Boys' biggest fan to performing with them. He highlighted the 2012 50th Reunion Tour as a pinnacle in his career, describing it as the most enjoyable tour he'd ever been on.  

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