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The Interesting Life of Bella Cuomo - TV Personality Chris Cuomo's Daughter

Published Sat Jan 22 2022 By aayush
The Interesting Life of Bella Cuomo - TV Personality Chris Cuomo's Daughter

Bella Cuomo is a famous eighteen-year-old tik-toker and also a famous celebrity's child. She was born on 12th March 2003 in Manhattan, United States.

The girl herself is 5feet 6inches (168cm) tall beauty and weighs 60 Kg with black hair that matches perfectly with her dark eyes. She is from white ethnicity and Christian by religion.

Bella's parents, Chris and Cristina

Bella is the eldest celebrity child of three children to Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven.

Bella Cuomo posing wearing a white bra and wrapping a piece of white cloth around her waist
Beautiful Bella Cuomo. Source: Instagram@bellavcuomo

Father, Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo himself is the famous American Television journalist well known as the presenter of Cuomo Prime Time and aside from journalism, he is also a licensed attorney.

Chris was born to Matilda and Mario Mathew Cuomo on 9th August 1970 in Queens, New York, United States. Chris' father Mathew served as the governor of New York.

Mother, Cristina Greeven Cuomo

Cristina Greeven was born on 12th January 1970 in New York, United States. Her father, Rainer Greeven was an attorney, and her mother Regina. 

Cuomo Siblings 

The couple, Chirs and Cristina got married back in 2001 on 24th November. The couple is happy together and has three children (a son and two daughters) together to date. 

Photo of Bella Cuomo and her family members at their house
Bella Cuomo and her family members. Source: The Purist

Out of three children, Bella herself is the eldest and the couple's second child is their son, Mario Jr. who was born back in 2007. 

Mario was named after his late grandfather, Mario Mathew Cuomo, the former governor of New York. 

The couple's youngest child is their daughter, Carolina Regina born in 2011.

Bella's Career and Net Worth

The eighteen-year-old Bella Cuomo has not begun her professional career yet she attends Northeastern University but she has grown as a tik-tok influencer. 

The tik tok influencer, for now, does not have her own personal net worth but being a child of famous celebrities like Chris and Cristina might be enough to live a lavished life. As her father has a net worth of $12 million and that of her mother is $9 million. 

Relationship, Social Media, and Personal Life

Bella Cuomo does not have a boyfriend for now as she is still studying under her parents' guidance and probably looking forward to living up to her parents' legacy.

Talking about her social life the eldest daughter of Chris Cuomo is mostly active on her tik tok account which has over 340k followers. Also, she is seen frequently posting on her Instagram @bellavcuomo. Which also has over 17k followers. 

Bella Cuomo playing a drama at her school function wearing a navy blue dress
Bella Cuomo playing school drama. Source: Instagram@bellavcuomo

Getting to know about her personal life, she is fond of traveling and having fun as judged by her Instagram posts, she hangs out a lot with her friends. 

Mostly she loves going seaside and loves water sports like swimming, surfing, etc. She is very interested in dramas and plays as she was seen participating in one at her school. 

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