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Late Barbara Smits – Jimmy Smits’ Ex-Wife and Mother of His Two Kids

Published Fri Sep 20 2019 By Samana
Late Barbara Smits – Jimmy Smits’ Ex-Wife and Mother of His Two Kids

Barbara Smits is the late ex-wife of the famous Emmy Awards-winning actor Jimmy Smits. After birthing two children and living her life fully, she passed away on 16th April 2010. 

Here are some facts about the late celebrity mother and ex-wife:

How Did She Die?

Barbara had a very sad and difficult last breath because of pneumonia, a lung disease which affects her breathing, obviously, and also because, she was bedridden. There were complications with her pneumonia and the disease could not be cured. She lost her life to pneumonia and left her children and grandchildren behind and surely went somewhere very nice.

She passed away at the age of 54 on April 16, 2010.

Net Worth Before Death

Barbara Smits' net worth can be calculated to be $1 million at the time of her death. She earned her riches through her job at Cornell Cooperative Extension-New York City where she worked for 29 years before sadly passing away. Her divorce settlements with Jimmy Smits also add up to her worth. 

Previously Married to Jimmy Smits

Barbara and Jimmy met each other and started dating on the year of 1969. They were dating and having fun and not really thinking about their future so it took Jimmy two whole years to get on his knees and ask Barbara to marry him. 

Barbara, however, was sure about him and instantly said yes to his special marriage proposal. 

Barbara's ex husband, Jimmy Smits.
Barbara's ex husband, Jimmy Smits.
Image Source: Alchetron

Again after the long wait for their engagement, the couple waited for eight years to go forward with the ceremony and tie the knot. They went forward and made their marriage official in the year 1979. 

Barbara and Jimmy's times as a married couple were cut short and they split. Their divorce was filed officially on 22nd June 1986 and they did not reconcile.

The two were actually together longer before marriage as a couple than after they got married as spouses. Jimmy is currently dating Wanda De Jesus, a famous actress. 

Mother Of Two Kids

During the six years of Barbara's marriage with Jimmy, she managed to give birth to two children Joaquin Smits and Tania Smits. The two are all grown up now and Tania is actually married and has two precious baby girl.

Barbara's beautiful daughter, Tania.
Barbara's beautiful daughter, Tania.
Image Source: Instagram/taismits

Tania is very active on her Instagram and always posts Barbara's pictures on special days like mother's Day or her birthday with very sweet and lovely captions.

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