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Azriel Clary - Rapper R.Kelley's Former Girlfriend and Victim

Published Sun Mar 20 2022 By sijal
Azriel Clary - Rapper R.Kelley's Former Girlfriend and Victim

Azriel Clary is a famed social media influencer and an  African-American singer known for her song Liar Liar. Besides being popular with her own identity she got the limelight on media as the ex-girlfriend of an R&B singer R. 

Kelly on whom she charged the case of sexual assault and for blackmailing her to do illegal works.

Azriel was born on December 30, 1998, in Florida, the USA as the only daughter of Alice Clary and Angelo Clary.   

Early Life of Azriel 

Carly was born into a kinda wealthy family and had lived a luxurious life since childhood. After completing her formal education from the local high school of her hometown she joined the prestigious University for graduation.

 As her family had a wealthy background it was easy for her to achieve a quality education. However, her fantasy and dream were different from her parent's, and to achieve that dream she didn't go for her further studies.

Professional Life

 It was not a piece of cake to upgrade in singing and competing other fabulous singers to there. Her most popular songs are Liar Liar and Love on me-Interlude.In such a way, she started her own official YouTube channel Scoop Azriel and started to upload cover songs of many popular singers of that era.

As of now Azriel Clary is a famed social media influencer and had more than 50k subscribers on YouTube and more than 200k followers on Instagram.

Azriel Clary with her family doing reunion wearing a white t-shirt and jeans after her controversy
Azriel Clary with her parents Alice Clary and Angelo Clary. source:

What's the net worth of Azriel?

The ex-girlfriend of R&B singer R. Kelly had good earnings from her social media platforms. As her singing career didn't go well as planned she still managed to get the attention and earnings through her media reputation.

The total estimated net worth of Azriel Clary is estimated to be more than $1 million dollars as of 2022. Her main source of income is from social media and sponsoring brands as she has become a model face for many reputed modeling agencies.

Is Azriel single? What's her relationship status?

As currently, Liar Liar star Azriel Clary is single however she had a very toxic and violated former relationship. She met R.Kelly back during his concert not a doubt she was a huge fan of him and with that reference, he offered her to be her manager which she couldn't refuse.

Azriel Clary with her ex-boyfriend R. Kelly on a beach enjoying their holiday
Azriel Clary with her ex-boyfriend R. Kelly before the controversy. source: @PDQ Wire

 After that, she started to work with him and get more closed to him their relationship turned into a toxic relationship. Even after getting a warning from her parents, Azriel continued to live with the R&B singer. But the bad ending of the relationship was nearer which affected both their reputation and life.

What was the reason behind the breakup of Azriel and R. Kelly?

In 2017, Azriel finally came to the media with her family to flash the real face of Robert Sylvester Kelly and filed a case against him for sexual assault, blackmailing, and compelling her to do illegal and disgusting things. 

With that confession, other people also came out against Kellly and flashed all the illegal assaults he did to those people. On the behalf of that case, Kelly was sentenced on March 4, 2022, found guilty for all his repulsive actions. 

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