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Facts About Azja Pryor - Former Wife of Comedian Chris Trucker

Published Sun May 31 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Azja Pryor - Former Wife of Comedian Chris Trucker

Azja Pryor came into limelight when her name was linked with Chris Trucker who is known actor for his role as Detective James Carter in, 'Brett Ratner's Rush Hour' film series and Smokey in 'F. Gray Gray's Friday'.

She was born on September 18, 1978, in Berkeley, California, in the United States. She was raised by her parents. Let's dig some facts about Pryor. 

What's Her Net Worth?

The former wife of Chris Trucker, Azja Pryor has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she made as a casting assistant. She has also collected some amount as a divorce settlement and child support from her ex-husband.

Her Husband Trucker has a net worth of $11.5 million. He accumulated from his career as a professional actor. He has starred in three sequels grossed him over $200 million per series. Even he also profited from endorsement deals which earned over $25 million.

Married Life with Chris Trucker

As mentioned before, Pryor got immense fame after she was dating Chris Trucker. She got married to her long-term boyfriend, Trucker in 1997. The couple were happy with their married life and became parents of a son. 

Sadly, they couldn't hold their relationship and failed divorced in 2002. After 1 year, the duo got officially announced divorce in 2003. Azja took her son's custody and mother and son resides in Los Angles.

Chris Trucker and Azja Pryor attend the premiere of 'Behind the  Candelabra'.

After Divorce Azja Pryor's Relationships

After her failed marriage, she dated Christopher Brian Bridge who is a talented rapper and actor. However, their relationship didn't last long and they decided to separate their ways.

Currently, Pryor is the wife of Cheriff A. Ndiaye. He is a fitness enthusiast and a life coach. They got married and also the parents of a cute daughter. Azja never misses a chance to gush about her husband. The couple often shares their beautiful couple pictures on social accounts. 

Pryor with her husband Cheriff A. Ndiaye and daughter Iman Joelle Ndiaye.

Mother of Two Children

Pryor is the proud mother of a son and a daughter named Destin Christopher Trucker and Iman Joelle Ndiaye respectively. 

Destin Christopher Trucker is the son of her ex-husband Chris Trucker. He was born on September 13, 1988. He is following his father's footsteps and began his career as an actor after graduation. Tucker is known for his role in the movie, Love in Moreno valley which was released in 2019. The father and son duo were spotted together at the premiere night of the movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Son Destin Christopher Trucker with his father Chris Trucker.

Her daughter Iman Joelle Ndiaye was born April 15, 2017, from husband Cheiff A. Ndiaye. She is just 2 and a half years old. She is very close to her half-brother Destin Christopher. Iman has her own Instagram account which is handled by her parents. She often spotted going on holiday in different parts of the world with her parents.

Daughter: Iman Joelle Ndiaye.

Her Role in Michael Jackson's 2005 Trial

In 2005, Pryor became a sensation of media when she spoke against the Arvizo family. The case was about Michael Jackson's molestation. She shared a special bond of friends with Michael Jackson ad Chris. She supports Jackson as a close friend and even wrote an open letter to the family stating they were doing wrong to Jackson. 

Presence On Social Sites

Azja Pryor is a social media addicted person. She is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has 12.4k followers on Instagram and 10k followers on Twitter. On her Instagram account post, she has posted her daughter's picture as a model. 

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