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Facts About Avery Shoaf You Need to Know

Published Wed Feb 23 2022 By sijal
 Facts About Avery Shoaf You Need to Know

Avery Shoaf is an actor and an engineer known for his engineering skills and for acting in the series "Rust Valley Restores" along with Mike Hall and Connor Hall. Avery is now in his 50's and had been doing the job he loved as a car mechanic.

Shoaf is a Canadian-born actor and had spent his whole stay in Canada repairing people's cars and motors.

Early life 

Avery was born in an average family in Canada and had a lot of struggles during his childhood days. Besides going through some struggles his passion and dedication took him to the position today which he deserves. 

Talking about his academic qualification he had graduated in engineering course and mechanisms in which faculty he has been making his profession.

Professional life

The content creator at "Rust Valley restores" had ups and downs in his career as a mechanism. Before entering the movie industry he owned his own equipment company which used to sell heavy materials. 

But after getting a total failure from this company he decided to do work on his own by car repairing and using his engineering master plans.

After being in that profession for years he finally get the opportunity to show his mechanical skills to the world through the documentary series "Rust Valley restores". This series is about the heaps of rust which later become a garage with classical designing cars and motors.

Avery Shoaf with his "Rust Valley restores" crew behind the scenes
Behind the scenes of, "Rust Valley restores" starring Avery Shoaf and Mike Hall. source: Instagram@averyshoaf4real

Net worth

Talking about the net worth of a reputed mechanical engineer, he had quite enough earnings from his own profession as a car repairer. 

Other than that, Shoaf doesn't only just repair a car by himself he also owned a bunch of classic and vintage cars which prices really very expensive for ordinary people.

As a moto engineer and the content creator at  "Rust Valley restores" Avery Shoaf has a total net worth of more than $900,000 USD dollars close to the millions.

Is Shoaf a married man?

Avery Shoaf is a married man and also a father of a 21-year-old boy. The mechanists have decided to keep his personal life information private till now. 

That's why there is not much information about his marital status as well whereas he loves to post pics with his son who is also a moto engineer following his father's commanders. 

Shoaf's son repaired his mother's vintage car which photos were shared by Avery on his official Instagram account. 

Avery Shoaf with in his garage and his son sleeping in the back
Avery Shoaf and his son in their garage being tired and exhausted. source: Instagram@averyshoaf4real

Where and What is Avery doing now?

Avery Shoaf is currently living in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with his family and friends. He now owned a small garage himself where he is capable of continuing his profession as a moto engineer passing his skills to his son as well.

Many people love to visit there for repairing their expensive, classic, and vintage-type motors as we can see through his Instagram posts. 

Avery enjoys his work and gives his all in his customer service which likely comforts all customers and builds their respect for his hard work and dedication. 

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