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Model Ashley Thompson – Peyton Manning’s Wife

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Akki
Model Ashley Thompson – Peyton Manning’s Wife

Ashley Thompson is an American real estate developer, who is widely known for being the wife of former NFL player Peyton Manning and a mother of twin children. 

Born in Memphis, Tennessee she is the member of 'Ascensus Society', who has been involved in many charities and social work.

Here are 10 Facts about model Ashley Thompson!

Net Worth 

Ashley Thompson is a successful businesswoman with various business and investment and has a massive net worth of $20 million. 

Ashley Thompson and her husband Peyton Manning Spotted together.
Ashley Thompson and Peyton Manning caught together on camera.
Image Source: Forsts Now

Peyton Manning, husband of Ashely, has a net worth of $200 Million, being a former American football, he is considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He played over 18 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.

House in Denver

Ashley lives in a huge mansion located in Denver, Colorado spans across 16,464 square feet with 3.4 acres. The three stories house has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, which cost $4.575 million in 2012 to her husband Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning 

The man who cheers up and supports in every footstep of Ashley's life is nor other than her husband Peyton Manning, who was a former American football Player. 

The love bird tied a knot on 17th of March 2001 in Memphis, where they dated for several years before they married. The duo was introduced by Ashley's neighbors when they were in college.

Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley Thompson capture together on camera.
Peyton Manning and Ashley Thompson spotted together.
Image Source: Celeb Spouse


After happy married life of ten years, Peyton and Ashley plan to have a baby, where the lovebird welcome their cute twins on 31st of March 2011; a son 'Marshall Williams Manning' and a daughter 'Mosley Thompson Manning'.

PeyBack Foundation 

Ashley and her husband Peyton has been involved in social worker, where the couple established the PeyBack Foundation in 1999, which provides leadership and growth opportunities for children. 

The foundation work on making opportunities available to young people, who might not have a opportunity, abused and neglected children. 

The organization has its own official website, where people can help by donating money for those kids.

Ashley Thompson and Peyton Manning caught together on camera.
Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley Thompson capture together on camera.

Alma Matter and Participation 

Ashley was a very brilliant student throughout her school and college career, where she participate over the number of events and campaign and won the medal and prize for her social work.  

Thompson's dedication and love towards charity work and community service made her a member of 'Ascensus Society'. She got graduated in ‘Finance and Marketing' from the ‘University of Virginia’ in 1997.

Real Estate Developer 

After getting a 'Finance and Marketing' degree, Thompson took footstep towards her father business. She started her career as a real estate developer, her company works on a downtown residential development plan.

Drug Involvement Controversy 

Ashley got into the controversy over possessing and dealing drug with her husband Peyton. An Investment by ‘Al Jazeera’ present Peyton was involved in drugs activities, where he used his wife name on his illegal transactions. Peyton denied about his drug involvement.

Parents and Siblings 

Ashley was born in 1974 as the second child to an American parent's Bill Thompson and Marsha Thompson, where her father was an investment banker and a commercial real estate developer than her mother was a housewife.  

Thompson has three siblings from her parents; two sister 'Allison  Thompson Luter' and 'Leigh Sanders Thompson' and a brother Will  Van Thompson III.

Role Model

Apart from being successful businesswomen and wife of famous former NFL player Peyton, Ashley Thompson is a role model, who inspire people to be good with others and do good things in society. She has been doing awareness programs and raising funds for breast cancer research.

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