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Ashley Benson's All 14 Tattoos and Meaning With Pictures

Published Thu Sep 26 2019 By DGM
Ashley Benson's All 14 Tattoos and Meaning With Pictures

The famous American actress and model Ashley Benson has inked tattoos counting up to fourteen in her body up to date. Each of the tattoos that she has on her body holds a different meaning in her life.

Benson seems to be really fond of getting ink in her body which can be proved with the huge number of tattoos she has. Here are all the tattoos that she along with their meaning:

Roman Numerals on Rib Cage 

There is a tattoo of Roman Numerals inked on the left rib cage of the beautiful actress. The numbers read 'LXXXIX' which translates to 89 and the tattoo is inked to represent the birth year of her i.e. 1989.

Writing on Rib Cage 

Ashley Benson has inked a writing on her right rib cage which reads 'We're all mad here'. The quote actually is from the famous book 'Alice in Wonderland'. She was quite impressed with the book and thought the quote was quite meaningful which made her to ink it.

A picture of Four tattoos of Ashley Benson.
Four tattoos of Ashley Benson.

Alphabet G on Left Wrist

On the left wrist of the beautiful actress, there is an alphabet 'G' inked which she got to honor her friend's daughter Georgia Veach. The child is diagnosed with a rare type of brain disorder called Lissencephaly. 

She wanted to increase the will-power of the little girl to fight against the disease and hence got the tattoo inked. Veach's other relatives and closed ones also have her initial inked on their body to honor her.

Alphabet H on Index Finger

Benson also has the alphabet 'H' inked on the index finger of her left hand. She got the tattoo along with her five other co-stars including Mona after they filmed the final episode of the 'Pretty Little Liars'. They thought that they should immortalize their roles on the show because they spent seven long years on the show and had a huge influence and impact in their career. 

The letter 'H' represents Hanna Marin, the character that she portrayed in the series. 

Cross Symbol on Wrist

The 29 years old actress has another tattoo which is of a small cross symbol on her right wrist. The tattoo is considered to be the symbol of Christianity and faith towards Jesus.

Anchor on Wrist

On the left wrist, Jeff Benson's daughter has a small anchor tattoo inked. The anchor tattoo represents salvation, hope, and composure of the one who holds it.

A picture of Ashley Benson's tattoos.
Tattoos of Ashley Benson.

Tiny Heart Tattoo on Middle Finger

There is a tiny heart tattoo inked on Ashley Benson's middle finger of her right hand. The small heart tattoo is a symbolism of love for her family and loved ones.

Number on Right Wrist

Shaylene Benson's sister has the number '3' inked on the inner part of her right wrist. She hasn't revealed the meaning behind this tattoo and we are curious about it too. Could it mean something important for the actress' life?

Number on Belly

On the left side of the belly, Ashley has the number '13' inked which seems to be some sort of connection to her life.

Star on Left Forearm 

Star tattoo which is often referred to symbolize battle with darkness and spirituality and truth of the person holding it, has been inked on the left forearm of the gorgeous actress.

Writing on Inner Wrist

On the inner wrist of the left hand, Benson has the  word 'Grammy' written. She got the tattoo to honor her late grandmother whom she was very close with.

A picture of Ashley Benson's tattoos.
Ashley Benson's tattoos.

Word on Right Bicep

The word 'Muggsy' has been inked on the right bicep of Ashley. It was inked by the famous tattoo artist Jon Boy.

Heart with NY 

The 'Spring Breakers' star has another heart tattoo on her right forearm. The heart also has a writing NY which represents New York in cursive format. 

Smiley on Right Index Finger

A smiley face of a person is inked on the index finger of Ashley Benson's right hand. The tattoo symbolizes her happy nature.

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