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Meet Nancy O’Dell’s Daughter Ashby Grace Zubulevich With Husband Keith Zubulevich – Pictures and Facts

Published Fri Jun 14 2019 By Samana
Meet Nancy O’Dell’s Daughter Ashby Grace Zubulevich With Husband Keith Zubulevich – Pictures and Facts

Born to the famous entertainment journalist, author and an American television show host mommy, Nancy O'Dell and a CEO daddy, Keith Zubulevich, Ashby Grace Zubulevich is 12 years old. The celebrity baby was born on 11th June of 2007 in Los Angeles, California.

Ashby is an English name. In the language, Ashby means "from the ash tree farm".Grace means beauty of form, kindness, mercy and favor. Ashby was named Ashby by her parents, paying tribute to Nancy's grandfather.

Ashby Grace Zubulevich's Estranged Parents

Nancy O'Donnell and Keith Zubulevich are both each others second spouse. Nancy was previously married to Dr. Richard O'Dell on the year 1995 and their holy matrimonial relationship lasted only for 9 years when the married couple split in 2004. After the divorce, Nancy did  not waste her youth and dated Keith and after the year, in 2005, tied the knot with him.

Ashby's divorced parents- Keith Zubulevich and Nancy O'Donnell.
Ashby Grace Zubulevich's divorced parents- Keith and Nancy.
Image Source: Hollywood Life

The married duo was doing fine with their 3 kids and living a happy life together playing board games and bonding with each other. In the same year of the release of the tape of Trump admitting his failed attempt of making a move on her despite knowing the fact that she was married, Keith and Nancy decided to call it quits. The couple explained that they had been working on the divorce since a month or so and the Trump and Billy Bush's tape was not the reason the marriage was called off.

Siblings of Abby Grace Zubulevich

Ashby is the little sister of her two big half-brothers. Ashby is Nancy's first child. The two boys are Keith's children from his ex-wife Kristanna Lee Grant. Their first child Tyler was born on the year 1996 whereas the second baby boy Carson was born on the year 2000.

Ashby, her silings and her parents' bonding together
Ashby and her siblings and parents' bonding time.
Image Source: Married Biography.

The siblings, despite being half brothers and sisters, are pretty tight and clsoe with each other. When the family was together, everyone would bond by having a round or two of board and card games every day having good conversations in between. 


Ashby's Sweet Gift to Her Mommy on Mother's Day

The 12 year old big girl, on the occasion of Mother's Day figured out a way to order stuffs without her Mommy knowing all on her own and surprised Nancy with the cutest ring which says "Mom" in cursive with a butterfly and five rhinestones. Nancy flaunted her Mommy's Day gift on her instagram making us all go aww.

Hidden From the World

Ashby is not showed off on her parent's social media pages like other celebrity babies are. Ashby is probably growing good and lavishly considering her parents are multi-millionaires. 

Ashby's Parents Net Worth

Without a doubt, Nancy and her ex husband are very wealthy who are really secured financially. Ashby grew up with a silver spoon on her mouth as her father, Keith Zubulevich is the CEO of Coniva whose net worth is approximately $7 million. Likewise, Ashby's mother, Nancy O'Dell is Entertainment Tonight's host whose net worth is $16 million.

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