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Facts of Arnelle Simpson - O. J. Simpson's Daughter & Margueritte L. Whitley

Published Sat Jul 31 2021 By Aashika
Facts of Arnelle Simpson - O. J. Simpson's Daughter & Margueritte L. Whitley

Arnelle Simpson is the celebrity kid who is the daughter of Orenthal James Simpson, professionally known as "O.J" and "The Juice". Her father is a well-known personality who is former football running back, actor, and broadcaster. 

On 4th December 1960, she was born to her parents O.J. Simpson and Margueritte L. Whitley. She is the eldest of her parents among three children. Arnelle has been always a camera sensation since her childhood.  

Let's look to know more things about her. 

Simpson's Estimated Net Worth

Arnelle Simpson has a net worth of $1.3 million which she accumulated through her career as an actress. 

She has worked in numerous documentaries such as "O.J: Trial of the Century", "O.J. Simpson Chasing Freedom", and "O.J.: Made in America". For her work, she has won awards like the "Academy Award", and "Primetime Emmy Award". 

Parents Relationships 

Arnelle 's parents O.J. Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley exchanged the vows on 24th June 1967. At the time of their wedding, her parents were 19 and 17 years. They were a happy couple and welcomed three children. Unfortunately in 1978, the couple filed for divorce due to an extramarital affair with Nicole Brown. 

A wedding picture of O.J. Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley.
Image Source: Pinterest

Two Siblings 

Arnelle is the eldest sister of brother and sister. Her siblings are Jason Lamar Simpson born in 1970 and Aaren Lashone Simpson born in 1977. Her brother has worked in the camera department in "Red Sun" and appeared in "The Guy" and "Doctor Who: Alternate Universe". Whereas her sister died when she was an infant. 

A family picture of Arnelle Simpson with her parents and brother. 
Image Source: Baston Harald

How Her Youngest Sister Died?

Arnelle's youngest sibling, Aaren Lashone Simpson has already died. She passed away when she was just two and a half years. This was the dark phase of Simpson's family when she fell into the swimming pool which causes her death. After that, the family breaks down and Simpson and Whitley also got a divorce.  


Arnelle Simpson has two half-siblings from her father's side. They are from Simpson and his late ex-wife, Nicole Brown. Their name is Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson who came into this world in 1985 and 1988 respectively. 

After the incident of their mother, they are still in touch with their father. All family members enjoy spending time together which we can see in some pictures.

Arnelle Simpson's father with his second wife and their two children along with Jason Simpson.
Image Source: Getty Image

Father's Illegal Crimes

We all know  O.J has committed numerous crimes and got arrest by the police.  In 1994, he was arrested for killing his second wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ronald Goldman. 

In 1999, the former football player was alleged for not paying $1.44 million tax.  After that in 2007, charged for accusing armed robbery and kidnapping case. On 1st October 2017, Simpson got released after serving almost nine years in jail.     

Always Supports O.J. Simpson

She is a supporter of her father, as we see her every time in court on legal matters. Her defending nature towards her father has always been spotted. Mr. Simpson has done numerous crimes but also  Arnelle stands by O.J. She never misses the hearing date of the court and always attends the date to defend her daddy. 

Arnelle Simpson's Love Affairs

Arnelle Simpson has not married yet. She has dated celebrities from the industry at an early age. She was in a relationship with Shaquille O'Neal, a former basketball player. They started dating in September 1995 but couldn't go so far and break up. 

After that, in 1995, Arnelle hooked up with Anthony Treach Crisis. The relationship lasted for two years which ended in 1997. Since then there is no information regarding her relationship. 

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