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Arina Abramovich - Roman Abramovich’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Irina Malandina

Published Wed Aug 07 2019 By DGM
Arina Abramovich - Roman Abramovich’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Irina Malandina

Arina Abramovich is one of the seven children and four daughters of the famous Israeli-Russian businessman Roman Abramovich who is the owner of the famous football club, Chelsea F.C. She was born in the year 2001 and is the 3rd daughter of Roman.

The name 'Arina' is a variation of Russian girl's name Irene which means peace. Her parents probably kept the name because they think that she is a peaceful child.

What's her Net Worth?

Arina Abramovich's net worth is estimated at $200,000 that allows her in living a lavish life. Since she is already an adult now, she probably might be involved in some kind of profession of her desire to make an earning of her life. 

Also, her father is a multi-billionaire, it is obvious that he might have given some portion of his worth to his daughter too. Hence, she surely has a wonderful net worth like her mom.

Parents' Net Worth

Arina's dad, Roman Abramovich is a billionaire businessman who holds a thrilling net worth of $15.1 billion according to The Richest. His major source of income comes from the Chelsea F.C. as well as different businesses that he owns and has invested in. 

Irina Malandina, her mother holds an estimated fortune of $232 million. She earned the majority of her fortune as a stewardess and also she bagged $300 million from her ex-husband following their divorce.

Parents' Relationship

Arina's parents have splitted for over a decade now putting a full stop to their relationship of 16 years. They tied the knot back in 1991 and gave birth to five children including their daughter, Arina in 2001. The married relationship of these two couldn't last forever and they divorced in 2007. 

A picture of Roman Abramovich with his ex-wife, Irina and kids.
Roman Abramovich with his ex-wife, Irina and kids.

The most interesting thing about the split of the was that Roman had to pay $300 million to settle down their divorce. We know that it is an insane amount but that is just a pinch of money that the billionaire owns. Arina stayed with her mamma until she became mature. As she reached 18 years old, she started living on her own.

Six Siblings

The 18 years old daughter of Irina has four full siblings; Ilya Abramovich, Arkadiy Abramovich, Sofia Abramovich, and Anna Abramovich and two half-siblings; Aaron Alexander Abramovich and Leah Lou Abramovich from Roman's Ex-Wife Dasha Zhukova

Arkadiy, Llya, and Aaron are brothers and the rest are sisters respectively. 

Arina is Barely Spotted

The beautiful teenager is barely spotted in public with her father which means that she prefers to out of the limelight as much as possible. 

Neither she is present on Instagram nor on Twitter, this proves that she prefers not to be on the glare of her father's fame. There are very few pictures of her which itself gives us an idea how much is she maintaining her private life.

A picture of Arina spotted with her mamma, Irina.
Arina Abramovich spotted with her mamma, Irina.

Horse Show Winner

Arina Abramovich has a deep love for horse racing in which she has even won the International Horse Show held at Olympia back in December 2013. Her eminent father, Roman spent around £50,000 to buy her the roan gelding for the competition which eventually proved to be a lucky charm for her.

Planning To Emigrate to Australia

According to Arina, she is planning to emigrate to Australia once she finishes her college studies. She says that she is thinking of enrolling a career in a zoology faculty. We wish for success in every step of her life.

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