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Arin Hanson's $2 Million Net Worth - "Game Grumps" Star Doing Fundraising and Charity

Published Sat Jan 04 2020 By Akki
Arin Hanson's $2 Million Net Worth - "Game Grumps" Star Doing Fundraising and Charity

Arin Hanson aka Egoraptor has a good net worth of $2 million that he piles up from his hardship and dedication to his  career as voice actor, singer, comedian, and animator. He won the $50k as a grand prize as a contestant in the show "Dance Showdown" season 3.

His massive wealth consists of assets like cars and a building in Glendale, California. Here are some facts about his net worth;

Game Grumps

Game Grumps is a hit comedy web series hosted by Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan. The show has crossed over 5000 episodes since it was created on July 18, 2012, by Hanson and Jon Jafari. The Game Grumps team has extended show time up to 1 hrs longer following their popularity.

A picture of  Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan.
 Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan from Game Grumps.
Image Source: The Hard Times

The show is broadcasted from their official YouTube channel, which has more than 5.19 million subscribers till date. The show generate around $1.8 million a year as stated in the Social Blade page.


Starbomb is a comedy pop band consist of Arin Hanson and a duo group 'Ninja Sex Party'  Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht. The musical group has released three albums from the day of band origin in 2013. The first two albums were No 1 n the Nielsen comedy charts. 

The musical group has an official website to promote their works. Their fans and well-wisher can buy merchandise and songs through online. The band's latest albums The Tryforce (2019) can be downloaded for the price of $9.99 on

A group picture of Starbomb.
Starbomb member posing for a photo.
Image Source; Clyde Outside

Voice Over 

Hanson is a SAG/AFTRA voice actor, who has a cameo appearance in TV shows and video games. In 2006, he voiced over Dr. Bruce Banner in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. He has a voice of 'The Bomb' in 2016 & 2017 adventure video game; Accounting and Accounting +. 

Arin also voiced in hit animation TV series like; Mighty Magiswords (2016) and Rick and Morty (2015). According to the ZipRecruiter, the annual income of the voice actor in the US is around $90k per year.

A picture of Arin Hanson voice over.
Arin Hanson as a voice actor.
Image Source: Twitter@egoraptor.


Following his success and popularity, Hanson startes merchandise business. His earning from the sale of merchandise also contribute to his fortune. He sells different types of clothes and accessories such as a T-shirt on the Starbomb website. 

Social Work

The Internet star, Arin Hanson is concern for helpless and working for a fundraising organizations. According to his website, he raised over half a million dollars for a charity and still working. He is actively involved with a non-profit organization 'Healing Horse Therapy Center' founded by his mother Maurette Hanson.

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