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Ariana Grande’s All Fourty-Four Tattoos Revealed

Published Mon Sep 09 2019 By DGM
Ariana Grande’s All Fourty-Four Tattoos Revealed

The 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' singer Ariana Grande has inked a total of 47 tattoos (as we know) on her body with each of them holding a different meaning.

Ariana has inked those tattoos for specific reasons. Here are all the tattoos that she has with their meanings:

Small Heart on Toe

Grande got her first tattoo back in 2012 which was of a small heart on her right toe. She inked it in order to remember the enlightening and happy time of her life when she recorded a duet song with Sky Blue.

Crescent moon 

Ariana Grande inked a crescent moon tattoo on her neck which was supposed to represent her third album 'Dangerous Woman'. The album was previously planned to be named 'Moonlight'.

Hebrew Phase on Ring Finger 

The 'Scream Queens' star has inked a Hebrew phase 'אלד' which represents 'protecting and guarding' from any sort of evil entity.

Mille Tendresse on the Back of her Neck 

Two years after the heart tattoo, Ariana had inked a writing on the back of her neck which reads 'mille tendresse'. It translates to one thousand tenderness according to French literature.

Tattoo on Ring Finger 

Grande who is rumored to have a nose job and other three plastic surgeries has tattooed another small heart tattoo on the ring finger of her right hand.

A picture compilation of Ten of Ariana Grande's tattoos.
Ten of Ariana Grande's tattoos.

Hi on Left Toe 

Ariana and her then boy-friend Ricky Alvarez together got their toes inked with the matching writing 'Hi'. She has it on the top of her index finger of left toe.

Writing on Rib Cage 

The word 'Bellissima' which means 'beautiful' in Italian literature is inked on the left rib cage of the 'Side to Side' singer. It is the name that her late grandfather used to call her by.

Honeymoon on Middle Finger 

On the middle finger of Ariana Grande's right hand, she has got inked the word 'Honeymoon' when she was on 'The Honeymoon Tour' for promotion of her album 'My Everything'.

Baby Doll on Middle Finger 

The Florida-born artist has crafted the words 'Baby Doll' on the same finger of her right hand but at the opposite side. It was the name given to her by her maternal grandma.

Alphabet A on Right Thumb 

The R&B singer inked her right thumb with the alphabet A in 2016 which is the initial of her name and her best friend Alexa Luria. She inked the tattoo in order to show her love for her buddy who has been together with her since they were 10 years old.

Lumos on Right Hand 

When the beautiful singer was dating Pete Davidson, she got her right hand inked with the word 'Lumos' which is the spell used in Harry Potter to produce light. 

H2GKMO on Right Hand 

When Edward Butera's daughter was engaged to Davidson back then, she and her then fiance had inked the writing 'H2GKMO' on her right hand. The phrase means 'Honest to God Knock Me Out' according to the artist herself.

A picture of Tattoos of Ariana Grande.
Tattoos of Ariana Grande.

Venus Symbol on Middle Finger 

On the exact same day when Grande had her first tattoo, she also had the Venus symbol inked on her middle finger of her left hand. The symbol refers to the gender symbol for female. 

Undefined Writing on Left Thigh 

Riri has an undefined writing on her left thigh which is visible but isn't clearly visible, hence the meaning of her thigh tattoo remains unrevealed.

Matching Cloud Tattoo with Pete Davidson 

Long before the relationship of Grande and Davidson was confirmed, the couple was spotted having a cloud-shaped tattoo inked on their left hand hands.

Bee Behind the Left Ear 

Ariana also inked a bee tattoo behind her left ear in order to pay a permanent tribute to the 22 killed and dozens of injured people at one of her concerts. 

She got the tattoo one year after the incident in order to commemorate the people who lost their lives at her concert.

Always on Rib Cage 

The word 'Always' is written on the rib cage of the actress and is located near the 'Bellissima' tattoo.

Court on Left Knee 

The 'Bang Bang' singer has tattooed a writing on her left knee which reads 'Court'. She had the ink in order to show her tribute and love for her another best friend Courtney Chipolone.

Plant on Midriff 

Davidson's ex-fiance inked her midriff with a plant on on 17th of March at 3 am. A leaf of the plant covers her 'Always' tat.

Japanese Writing on Elbow 

Ariana Grande has tattooed the Japanese writing 'うたいましょう' on her left elbow which translates to 'let's sing'.

Eevee on Left Arm 

Grande's first tattoo of 2019 was her favorite Pokémon Eevee which she got on her left arm. She loves the character very much and always desired to have it as a tattoo which she did as a new year gift for herself. 

561 on Left Hand Thumb 

Ariana has inked the area code of Boca Raton, Florida 561 on her left-hand thumb. She resided there till she was 14 years old.

Japanese Writing on Palm 

Grande previously tattooed a Japanese writing on her palm which reads '七 輪' and translates to Seven Rings according to the star herself. But as that translated a little bit wrong, she added an additional kanji and a heart to fix it. However, the ink still translates wrong.

Plant and Abstract Piece on Two Fingers 

The eminent star has inked a plant on her pinky finger and an abstract piece on her ring finger of her left hand. The abstract art is a rectangle which covers the black heart tattoo which she had to cover Pete's name.

Plant on Left Hand 

On the left hand where Grande previously had her REBORN tattoo, she has covered it with a plant after she called off the engagement with Pete Davidson. She had the tattoo with Pete when they were together and covered it after their separation.

A picture of Ariana Grande's tattoos.
Ariana Grande's tattoos.

Number on Index Finger 

Ari has inked a tiny number on the index finger of her right hand which is speculated to be the number '9 3/4'.

As she is already familiar with tattoos referring to Harry Potter, it is just another on the list. The platform 9 3/4 located at King's Cross Station is the gateway to the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter movie.

Chihiro Tattoo on Right Hand 

Grande has a tattoo of her favorite anime character Chihiro of 'Spirited Away' inked on her right hand. She got the ink because she considers that the character resembles a brave little girl overcoming her fear and fighting against it in this selfish world. It was inked by the professional tattoo artist Mira Mariah.

Black Heart on Left Hand 

On the ring finger of her left hand, Ariana inked a black heart by covering her former tattoo 'Pete', her ex-fiance's name. She covered it after separating from him.

Crescent Moon, Sun and Stars on Left Hand 

The 'Men in Black: International' star has inked a big crescent moon along with a sun and some beautiful stars on her left hand.

The moon was also inked by Mariah as she traveled all the way to Grande's apartment in New York City. She added two designs joining the sun, moon, and stars in November, 2019.

Myron on Left Foot 

Myron, which is the dog's name of late American rapper Mac Miller, has covered the 8418 tattoo on the artist's left foot, the badge number of Pete's late firefighter father who died on 9/11. 

The tattoo which was inked in order to pay tribute to Pete's father was replaced by Mac's dog's name which he adopted in 2017 when he was dating Ariana. 

Crescent Moon and Stars on Left Foot 

Just below the Myron tat, Grande has inked a crescent moon along with some stars which represent powerful feminine overtones.

Plant on Index Finger 

Cardi, who is worth $100 million, has inked a plant tattoo on her right-hand index finger. This tattoo was also inked by Mariah.

Eye and V-shaped Tattoo on Left Point Finger 

The 'Sam & Cat' star has tatted an eye along with v-shaped figures on the index finger of her left hand.

A picture of Ariana Grande's tattoos.
Ariana Grande's tattoos.

Lighting Bolt on the Back of Ear 

Ariana has also inked a symbol of lightning bolt on the back of her right ear and represents power.

Black Heart on the Back of Ear 

Just below the bolt ink of Grande, there is a black heart tattoo which represents sad loss of the person having it. 

Quote on Upper Back 

The prominent songwriter Ari has tattooed a famous quote from 'The Truman Show' on her upper back of left side. The quote reads 'In case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!'

R.E.M on the Back of Ear 

Below the bolt and heart tattoo, the '7 Rings' singer has inked 'R.E.M' which is one of the songs from her fourth album 'Sweetener'.

Angel Wing on Inside of Ear 

An angel's wing is inked on the inside of Ariana Grande's left ear which represents god's presence and expression of faith in god and is also a homage paid to the lost ones.

Dog's Name on Left Hand

Grande has also inked her dog's name Toulouse on the back of her left hand. She revealed the tattoo via an Instagram picture on November 14, 2019.

SWT on Right-Hand's Index Finger

The 'Victorious' star has also inked the letters 'SWT' on her right-hand index finger, just below her plant tattoo. The letters stand for Sweetener World Tour, Ariana's fourth concert tour which wrapped up in Inglewood, California on December 22, 2019. 

Ariana Grande's three recent tattoos compiled in a picture.
Ariana Grande' three recent tattoos.

Her very good friend, Tommy Brown firstly gave a glimpse of this tattoo through his Instagram account on December 17, 2019.

Butterfly on Left Arm

The 2020 Grammy Awards saw Ariana Grande flaunt a new butterfly tattoo on her left arm drawn with thin and blank ink.

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