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Get to Know Aren Marcus Jackson - Tia Torres' Husband Who is a Convicted Felon

Published Tue May 11 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Aren Marcus Jackson - Tia Torres' Husband Who is a Convicted Felon

Aren Marcus Jackson came into the limelight after being the husband of Tia Torres. His wife is the television reality star who got immense fame from the series, "Pit Bulls & Parolees". 

He was born in August 1968, in the United States. Before his relationship with Torres, Jackson was away from the limelight and media. The couple is together for more than 14 years and is the parent of four children. 

Let's look at the below passages to know more information about him. 

How Jackson met Tia Torres?

Aren Jackson met the founder of "Villalobos Rescue Center", Tia Torres for the first time in the 1980s. Their story began when Torres wanted to get a lost dog released to her care and she had to follow up with the owner. And with destiny the owner of the dog was Aren. 

Married Life

Then, the duo became friends and used to write letters which later turned into love. After having a relationship for several years, they got married in  2006 when Aren came out of jail. T

Their wedding ceremony took place in Parker Palm Springs in California. Since then, the couple has been living as a happy life partner. 

A picture of Aren Marcus Jackson and his wife Tia Torres. 
Image Source: Pinterest 

Father of Four Children

He is the father of four children with his wife. The first child, Tania Torres who is from Tia's past relationship. Jackson is the biological father of Mariah Torres. Later, the two adopted Hawaiian twin brothers, Kanani Chock and Keli'i Chock. The four children are involved in the show "Pit Bulls & Paroles", which aired on Animal Planet.  

Four Children Tania Torres, Mariah Torres,  Kanani Chock, and Keli'i Chock. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Illegal Crime 

Torres's spouse has been involved in many crimes and has been charged for it. From his young days, he was a criminal who got arrested for crimes like murder, possession of illegal firearms, violating parole, stealing cars, and so on. 

in fact, after one year of marriage, Aren was charged for involvement in an auto burglary. He was allegedly convicted of 11 felonies such as second-degree burglary of a vehicle, auto theft, and others. For this, Jackson was founded guilty by the court and sentenced to surrender for 15 years in prison. He is serving in a California prison which will end in 2022. 


Mr. Jackson has done numerous tattoos on his body. He has inked on his neck, full both hands, chest, and back which shows his passion for tattoos. Like Aren, his wife is also quite obsessed with inks. She has a dog print on her left arms which dedicate to the memories with her dog. And on the right arms, there is the tattoo of "Wolfman". 

Aren Marcus Jackson's tattoos on neck and hands. 
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