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About April Dubois - Wesley Snipes' Former Wife and Mother of Jelani Asar Snipes

Published Tue Jun 02 2020 By Aashika
About April Dubois - Wesley Snipes' Former Wife and Mother of Jelani Asar Snipes

April Dubois is the former wife of action star Wesley Snipes which makes her a sensation of media. She was married to Snipes for five years and has one son. 

Wesley Snipes is an actor who is best known for his films like The Expendables 3, New Jack City, and Blade. Let's look at some interesting and unknown facts about his ex-wife Dubois:

What's Her Net Worth?

Dubois's net worth is estimated at around $500k which includes some of the money from the divorce settlement.

Likewise, her ex-husband has an enormous amount of net worth -$9 million. He made his massive income as an actor, director, film producer, author, and martial artist.

Snipes began his acting career by debuting in the movie "Wildcats" in 1986. He is also an Oscar Award winner for his role in the movie, "Blade Reboot".

Ex-Husband - Wesley Snipes

Dubois got married to actor, Wesley Snipes in 1985. The couple were in romantic relationships and dating for a long time and decided to take their beautiful love life towards marriage. 

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They have a son who is their symbol of love. Sadly, the pair couldn't take their married life so far. They decided to take a divorce and got officially in 1990.

Her former husband Wesley Snipes.

Son - Jelani Asar Snipes

April is the mother of Jelani Asar Snipes who was born in 1988 to her former husband Snipes. At the age of one. he played the role of Miles in the 1990's movie, Mo Better Blues. He has four half-siblings from his father's side with whom he has good relations like an elder brother.

Wrong Pictures of Jelani 

The real picture of April Duboi's Son Jelani Asar Snipes is not available in the media and most of them are publishing it wrong. Instead, they are publishing different pictures of another celeb.

Second Marriage of Former Husband

After separating from Dubios, Wesley Snipes tied the knot with Nakyung Park on 17th March 2003. She is a South Korean painter. 

Wesley Snipes with his second wife Nakyung Park.

The couple is blessed with four children named Akhenaten Kihwa-T Snipes, Alaafia Jehu-T Snipes, Iset Jua-T Snipes, and Alimayu Moa-T Snipes. Currently, they are happily living in Los Angeles with their four children.

April Dubois' former husband Wesley Snipes With his kids with his second wife Nakyung Park.

Ex-Partner's Role and His Highest-Earning Movie 'Blade'

In 1998, he played in the movie, 'Blade' which was a supernatural superhero film directed by Stephen Norrington. His character in the movie is Eric Brooks/Blade who is a half-vampire. 

'Blade' is highly skilled in martial arts and always equips himself with vampire-killing weapons. 'Blade' collected $132.4 million at the box office and made $45 million.

Snipes in the movie 'Blade' as Eric Brook.

April Dubois Stay Away From Media

She lives a low-key life after her divorce from Wesley Snipes and hasn't been in the media. Dubois is a very private person, she hasn't shared much information related to her personal and professional. Even, she has not seen them for a long time. 

After the divorce, Snipes and Dubois remain a good friend and keep in touch. 

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