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Anthony Cumia's $6 Million Net Worth - $2M House in NY and Earned Massive From Shows

Published Wed Apr 29 2020 By Lewis Willman
Anthony Cumia's $6 Million Net Worth - $2M House in NY and Earned Massive From Shows

Anthony Cumia is an American radio host with $6 million net worth earned from his successful hosting career. He has surrounded himself with numerous controversies, along with online racial slurs, and has been in the top of fame to infamous. 

Whatever be the case, the former radio host for the famous show Opie and Anthony, still has his charm and is a world famous show hosts, of all time.

His career saw an unnatural growth after he released a parody song Gonna Electric Shock OJ, after which Gregg "Opie" Hughes requested him to start a show Opie and Anthony which started in 1994 and ran for 21 long years, successfully. He reportedly received over $300 thousand from the show annually and SiriusXM Radio's one of the most loved hosts.

Mansion in 29 Horseshoe LN, Roslyn Heights, NY

NY resident Cumia currently lives in a $2 million worth Mediterranean style mansion in Roslyn Heights, NY.

His house features 6 bedroom, and 4 full baths, along with a big living space, a huge lawn, a swimming pool, and Jacuzzi, and an a garage.

Records His Podcast and Online Radio Show From Home

After he was fired from SiriusXM for his twitter rant and racially charged jokes, he tried several online platforms and above all his love for hostiong got him to build a studio at his own home, get sober and restart from the beginning. His hosting cost comes under $15000 a year, and he reportedly set the studio at around $350 thousand.

Currently, he runs Anthony Cumia Show with Dave Landau since 2018, from his home station under a self registered company named Compound Cinema. He also uploads podcast and YouTube videos for his viewers.

Available on iPhone and Android Applications

If you are a fan of Anthony Cumia's radio shows, then you can now catch him in live on iPhone and android applications, an application such as this costs around $15 to $20 thousand in development.

Podcast on Apple platforms

Yes! he is available on iTunes, and spends around $120 per broadcast and receives a healthy number of listens. However, he hasn't shown interest in getting back together with his former partner Gregg Hughes and was a little reluctant on running shows and tours alone, but is equally skeptical about getting back with his old partner.

Has sold over 50 thousand CD's 

Again, his radio shows and stand up gigs have been hilarious, but people always tend to see things in either black or white perception, but this radio star has lived his entire life in grey lines!

People see his joke as a racial slur but he thinks he risked his career for his artistic values. However, from his record sales, he has amassed over $3 million.

Checked in a Rehab 

Though, Anthony Cumia has cleared that it wasn't state's order to check into the rehab, and was his sole idea to get sober, he spent over $25 thousand in rehabilitation facility.

Hopefully, you get the idea about funny man and radio host Anthony Cumia's net worth, keep up with Glamourpath for more.