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Annie Bakes - Dennis Rodman's ex-wife

Published Mon Mar 21 2022 By sijal
Annie Bakes - Dennis Rodman's ex-wife

Annie Bakes is a famed media personality who is known for her appealing modeling career and has worked as a hostess in many bars and clubs. 

Besides having her own popular identity in the media world she got into the limelight as an ex-wife of a popular former NBA  basketball player Dennis Rodman.

Anicka Bakes professionally known as Annie Bakes was born on 26 February 1965 in Pennsylvania, the United States. She has been sponsored by many honored modeling agencies as well.

Early Life

The ex-wife of an NBA player had a miserable childhood as she came from a middle typed American family background. Alongside her siblings, it was hard for her to achieve good education and shelter.

In reference, to that, she started to work as a hostess in small bars and clubs around her hometown area. Besides being judged by society she became able to feed her family on her own.

How is the professional life of Annie?

Annie Bakes's modeling career was started at an early age cause of that she went through a lot of struggling phases. She works as a model in commercials and other minor brands. After working for a year, her struggle finally paid off and got approached by higher-level modeling agencies. 

She started to pose as an adult model wearing bikinis and appealing clothes. However, her beauty and perfect figure never missed getting the viewer's attention. As everything was going well she got in an accident in 1986 which drastically ended her whole career. 

Annie Bakes with his ex-husband Dennis Rodman on a party wearing a white crop top
Annie Bakes with her former husband Dennis Rodman. source: @Wikibery

Net worth 

Although, her career ended cause of her scars she still continued to shine in her own way by doing minor jobs and part-time jobs. She is now working as a writer and had published many interesting books alongside her profession as an entrepreneur. 

The total estimated net worth of Annie Bakes is $600k USD dollars as of 2022. She also got money through a divorce settlement from her ex-husband and had been working as a PETA employee for many years.

Marital relationship status

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman met each other back in the 90s and instantly fall in love but the reputation of Dennis and Annie being just a bar workers was a topic of gossip for many. 

But the two officially got married and backlashed the back talkers. 

Annie Bake's ex-husband and  daughter in a party together
Annie Bakes's husband Dennis Rodman and daughter Alexis Rodman. source: @Tuko 

However, there were many ups and downs in their marital life which ends up in 1993.  

As of now, there is a rumor she had got married to a police officer and had been living an ordinary life away from the media and the public.

Rumors and Controversies

With the divorce news of Annie Bakes and NBA player Alexis Rodman, many rumors about the divorce started to be spread among the netizens. There was a rumor of Dennis having an STD which was passed to Annie later after the medical reports.

 Annie finally spokes in public about her ex-husband's crucial works(pressurize her for doing multiple abortions) and she also writes a book (Worse Than He Says he is: White Girls Don't Bounce) about her ex-husband in 1997. 

Besides all this, the couple has together one beautiful daughter Alexis Rodman.

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