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Interesting Facts On Anne M Tengell - Daune Chapman's Second Wife

Published Wed Mar 18 2020 By Aashika
Interesting Facts On Anne M Tengell - Daune Chapman's Second Wife

Daune Chapman recently went through a rough time, as his beloved wife Beth Smith died. But, Beth wasn't the only one Daune was married to, prior to her, he was married and divorced four times. Among Chapman's five wives, Anne M Tengell his second spouse, who he married after his divorce with La Fonda Sue Honeycutt.

Born in 1962 in Denver, the age of 58 years old's name Anne, is a derivation of a word Anna from Hebrew and is spelled as Hannah, which means 'favor' or 'grace'.

Here are some facts about Daune Chapman's second wife Anne M Tengell:


Anne M Tengell was married to Daune Chapman aka 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' on August 22, 1979, in Colorado. The couple has three children Zebadiah Chapman ( January 1, 1980), Wesley Chapman ( November 14, 1980), and James Chapman (March 2, 1982). 

After Wasley's birth, the couple got divorced and the two even reconciled shortly, resulting in James' birth. After divorce, Anne got her children's custody and moved to Utah. Then, all her children grew up in their grand parent's homes.

Ex-Husband Daune Chapman

Daune Chapman is a television star, bounty hunter and a former bail bondsman. Chapman was a sort of notorious man in his teenage. 

In his teens, Daune did get locked up behind the bars a few times but his life took a sudden turn after he was accused of a drug dealer and pimp Jerry Lee Oliver's death in Pampa. Daune after facing murder charges was sentenced for five years in prison. 

Then, after he was free, Chapman started a new career as a bounty hunter. So far, he reportedly has caught over 6000 captured fugitives. 

Besides being a bondsman Daune is also a TV star who was a cast member and leader in a reality TV series 'Dog The Bounty Hunter'.

Daune Chapman

Blessed with Three Children

Anne M Tengell and Daune Chapman's first baby Zebadiah Chapman was born on January 1, 1980, January 31, but as the baby was born premature, and he sadly passed away, a month after his birth in 1980.

Likewise, Wasley Chapman Daune's second child, born on November 14, 1980. He is an award-winning speaker, business teacher, and author, and his net worth is estimated at $3 million. 

He also runs non- profit organizations like A Human Project and also has worked with Verizon, Microsoft, and A&E. 

Further, Wasley is married to Jodie Chapman. Moreover, the pair got married on 27 August 2017 and also has 2 children from previous relationships.

Anne sonWasley Chapman

James Chapman is Duane's third child, born on March 2, 1982. His information is still under review.


Anne was blessed with two grandchildren from Wasley and his ex-partner. Wasley has a daughter Chloe Chapman and a son named Peyton Chapman.

Family of Wasley Chapman 

Social Media Presents

Sadly, despite Chapman family is a media-loving family, Duane's ex-wife Anne prefers zero media drama in her life and stays away from the media limelight; unlike her other family members.

Age, Body measurement

Anne M Tengell is currently 58 years old. Additionally, she has golden hair and brown eyes but her physical stats are still under review.

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