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Facts About Anne Coolbaugh - Carey Van Dyke's Ex- Wife

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By DGM
Facts About Anne Coolbaugh - Carey Van Dyke's Ex- Wife

Anne Coolbaugh is the ex-wife of the famous American actor Carey Van Dyke. She is also the baby mamma of Barry Van Dyke's son from their marriage.

Coolbaugh is mostly recognized as the ex-wife of the popular American actor with whom she parented her kids. Here are 10 facts about her:

Ex-Husband - Carey Van Dyke

Anne was previously married to Carey Van Dyke, the second grandson of the legendary sitcom actor Dick Van Dyke. She married Carey in 2000 and shared three kids from their relationship of more than ten years.

A  picture of Carey Van Dyke with his dad Barry, Grandfather Dick and brother Shane Van Dyke.
Carey Van Dyke with his dad Barry, Grandfather Dick and brother Shane Van Dyke.
Image Source: Getty Images

Three Children With Carey Van Dyke

As mentioned earlier, Coolbaugh shared three children with her former spouse. Her kids with Dyke included three daughters; Gracie Van Dyke, Jane Van Dyke, and Ava Van Dyke. Ava is the eldest among the kids that Anne had with her ex-husband who was born on August 2001. Gracie was born on December 8, 2003 and Jane was born on 8th of May, 2007.

Mother of Five

In case if you didn't, Anne isn't actually the mother of three kids but she is the mother of five. Yes, she has five kids in total, three with Carey and the other two from her previous relationship. Her two kids from past relationship are son Alex Van Dyke and Mia Van Dyke.

Carey Adopted Her Two Kids

You probably might be scratching your heads thinking if Alex and Mia are Anne's kids with another person then how do they carry Van Dyke as their surname? 

Well, it is because the actor adopted the two kids long ago when they were too small and their mother started dating their step-dad or dad lets say. The two kids are incredibly blessed to have got a father who not only gave them a nice quality of life to live but also the privilege to carry his name as theirs.

A picture of Carey Van Dyke.
Carey Van Dyke.
Image Source: IMDb

Daughter Gracie Was Hospitalized for Some Months

It was back in January of 2004 when Coolbaugh's second daughter with Van Dyke suffered from a viral meningitis disease. She was diagnosed with the disease and had to be hospitalized for few months in order to regain health properly. 

So, the little girl was admitted to hospital where her brain disease was cured. She is a healthy teenager now and living her life happily.

No Social Media Presence

Unlike her ex-husband who is on Instagram, Anne isn't active on any socual platforms which probably means that she likes to keep her life hidden and up to herself only after her split with Carey. 

We all respect her privacy but would also want to have a glimpse of how she and her children look today.

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