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Annaliza Seagal - Steven Seagal’s Daughter With Ex-Spouse Kelly LeBrock

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By DGM
Annaliza Seagal - Steven Seagal’s Daughter With Ex-Spouse Kelly LeBrock

Annaliza Seagal is the daughter of the popular American actor, the 'Hard to Kill' Steven Seagal with his ex-wife, actress Kelly LeBrock. She was born on the 20th of June 1987.

The name 'Annaliza' is a girl's name and carries the meaning 'God is Gracious and has shown favor' according to Swedish origin. Here are some facts about her: 

What's her Net Worth?

Being born in an prominent celebrity couple, Annaliza Segal holds a whopping fortune of $100,000. She earns her living by her profession as an actress and model for newspapers and magazines.

How Much Are Her Parents' Worth?

Annaliza Seagal's parents are very rich as they come from an acting profession which helped them earn their worth. Her daddy, Steven holds an estimated net worth of $16 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Talking about her mamma, she has a total fortune of $2 million which she amassed as actress and livestock owner.

Parents' Relationship

Steven and Kelly, who are the parents of Annaliza were together for nine years during which they parented three children from their marriage. 

They walked down the aisle in 1987 after dating for some months and lived a very happily married life with their children until 1996 when they had to divorce as things couldn't work properly for them. Despite their separated, they promised each other to come together as responsible parents to raise their kids.

A picture of Annaliza Seagal's parents.
Annaliza Seagal's parents.
Image Source: People

Two Siblings

The 32 years old Annaliza has two younger siblings from her parents which include of a brother and sister. Dominic Seagal who was born on June 21, 1990 is her brother and Arissa LeBrock born on the 24th of July, 1993 is her sister. Dominic is a successful actor just like his dad by profession and Arissa is a model and painter.

Four Half-Siblings

Not only siblings, Annaliza Seagal also has half-siblings counting up to four from her father and his other relationships. 

Savannah Seagal is her younger sister from Steven's ex-girlfriend Arissa Wolf and Kunzang Seagal is her younger brother from her daddy's current wife Erdenetuya Batsukh

Moreover, she has an elder brother Kentaro Seagal and elder sister Ayako Fujitani from his dad's first wife, Miyako Fujitani.

A picture of Annaliza's dad with her half-siblings.
Annaliza's dad with her half-siblings.
Image Source: Sharon Melching

No Social Media Presence

It isn't that shocking that the daughter of Steven isn't active on any of the social sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Well, it can be because she wants to maintain her distance with the outer world and doesn't want to be on the spotlight because of her father's glare of fame.

Physical Measurements

Annaliza stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m) with a body mass of 63 kg (138 lbs). She is a beautiful lady with a slim body, blonde hair, and a pair of lovely brown eyes.

A picture of Annaliza Seagal with her father, Steven Seagal.
Annaliza Seagal with her father, Steven Seagal.
Image Source: Getty Images

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