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Get to Know Anna Hansen - Lance Armstrong's Fiancee

Published Sat May 22 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Anna Hansen - Lance Armstrong's Fiancee

Anna Hansen is the fiancee of famous American cyclist, Lance Armstrong. She is currently the Program Manager for a charity by the name of "First Descents" and also a certified Yoga Instructor.

She was born on May 24, 1981, in the United States of America. She is highly intelligent, graduating with a Bachelors's degree in Biology from the University of Colorado. 

Let's get some amazing facts about her:  

Net Worth

Anna Hansen has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand from her career as a Yoga Instructor. While her fiancée has a massive net worth of $125 million.

Being a professional cyclist, began his career from 1998 onwards at 7 Tour de France medals and many championships such as Clasica de San Sebastian (1995), Tour DuPont (1995 and 1996), Stage-18, and many more. Also, he has invested $100,000 in Uber when the ride-sharing company was valued at a paltry $3.7 million in 2009.  

Fiancé: Lance Armstrong 

Anna Hansen is a fiancée of cyclist Lance Armstrong. In 2008, they met for the first time during her charity work and became a close friend to lovers. Their engagement was announced through Lance's Instagram account on 23rd May 2017 with the caption "She said ... YES!!!". 

The couple is living and spending quality time usually shares their pictures and videos on social media. Currently, there is no news of taking their relationship into husband and wife.

Anna Hansen attending events with her fiancée Lance Armstrong.
Image Source: Getty Image 


Hansen is a proud mother of two beautiful kids with Armstrong. She first gave birth to a son named Max Armstrong in 2009. Later in 2011, welcomed a little princess named Oliva Marie Armstrong.

Both of her children are currently studying at school.  Max is very fond of Hockey and participates in the season at a tournament in Las Vegas of which she uploads the picture on her Instagram account on March 30, 2001.  

A picture of Anna Hansen with her fiance and two children.
Image Source: The Australian


Hansen is also a stepmother to three children from Lance's first marriage with Kristin. They have a son named  Luke and a twin daughter, Grace, and Isabelle. On 31st May 2020, both of her daughter's complete high school graduates like a proud mother, she posts a Congratulation message to them expressing her love to them. It show's they all still share a beautiful bond.

About stepson, Luke Armstrong is accused of raping a then-16-year-old girl in his father's Austin, Texas home in 2018. As the girl's identity has not been revealed, whereas Luke is arrested on a charge of sexually assaulting.  

Fiance Previous Marriage

Although Anna is not yet Lance Armstrong's wife, he was married to Kristin Richard. The ex-couple met in 1997 at the Tour de France champion. They started dating and became husband and wife in May 1998 but unfortunately, the marriage didn't go far away and officially got divorced in 2003.

Lance Armstrong with his former wife Kristin Richard.
Image Source: Getty Image

Social Media

Anna Hansen is very active on her social media account. She has over 9,641 Followers on her Instagram account with username: @movewithannahansen. On her Twitter account with username @annahansen and has over 6,292 followers.

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