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Ann Cowherd - Facts and Photos of Colin Murray Cowherd's Wife

Published Sun Jan 31 2021 By Aashika
Ann Cowherd - Facts and Photos of Colin Murray Cowherd's Wife

Ann Cowherd came into the limelight after getting with television and radio personality, Colin Murray Cowherd. Her husband is known for hosting 'Fox Sports 1' and 'Speaks For Yourself' on FS1. 

The celebrity couple has been together for almost 10 years and is still maintaining their love life. Before marrying Cowherd, Ann was living a private lifestyle. 

Here is some info about Cowherd that few people are unknown of. 

Husband's Net Worth

Ann Cowherd husband Colin Murray Cowherd's net worth is estimated at $25 million. His average annual income is $6 million which he earns as host, producer, and actor. 

Colin began his career in San Diego Padres, later worked with TV station KVBC in Las Vegas. He has served for WTVT in Florida, KGW-TV, KFXX Radio, ESPN, and so on. 

Luxurious Lifestyle

Being the wife of a millionaire, without any doubt Mrs. Cowherd has been enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. 

She lives in Manhattan Beach, California that she and her husband bought in $6.525 million which today's price is $7 million. Likewise, they are the owner of a ski vacation property in a resort in Park City, Utah.  

Lavish House in Manhattan Beach, California.
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Husband: Colin Cowherd

Ann Cowherd met her life partner, Colin Cowherd through a mutual friend, Trace Gallagher in Las Vegas. They became friends which slowly turned into love. 

In 2010, the pair exchanged their vows which have been now 10 years. The couple is having a perfect time together and support each other which we can see on Instagram account. 

Ann Cowherd and her husband Colin Cowherd. 
Image Source: Twitter

Previous Marriages

Before marrying with 'ESPN' anchor, she was once married to a guy. Her former husband's information is a mystery. Their married life couldn't go so far which ended in the 2000s. 

Similarly, her spouse was also married to a fairness model, Kimberly Ann Vadala. The duo was together from 1996 to 2007 and has two children. The custody of their children is given to Vadala.  

 Kimberly Ann Vadala and Colin Cowherd at the event. 
Image Source: Getty Image 

Mother of Four Children and Two Stepchildren

She is the mother of four children with her then-spouse. Like her ex-husband, there is also no info about their children. Nevertheless, Mrs. Cowherd has two stepchildren who are from Colin's first marriage. They have a quite good relationship and are happy in their life. 

Two children of Colin Cowherd with their grandfather.
Image Source: Instagram 

Traveler and Foodie

Cowherd's wife is a traveler which is proved by her Instagram account, where there is numerous picture. Moreover, she is also a foodie who loves to test the cuisines and makes some of them. Her social media account is full of foods that she has tried. 

Maintain Low Profile 

As of celebrity's life partner, Ann maintains a low profile. She keeps some distance from the camera and media. At the events, Cowherd spotted in some only with Colin. 

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