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Anita Johnson-Andrews - Facts and Pics of Toya and Rudy Johnson's Mother

Published Tue Feb 23 2021 By Aashika
Anita Johnson-Andrews - Facts and Pics of Toya and Rudy Johnson's Mother

Anita Johnson-Andrews came into the limelight as the celebrity's family member.

She is widely known as the mother of Antonia Johnson aka "Toya". Her daughter is a television personality who has appeared in shows as well as is also a rapper. 

Andrew has been spotted in numerous industrial events with her children. Through this, she grabbed the attention of the media and audiences. Let's look at the below information about Anita Johnson-Andrews that many people want to know. 

Has Six Children 

Mrs. Andrew is the proud mother of six children with her spouse. Her son Rudy Johnson, born on April 7, 1992, starred in the sister's reality show, 'Toya: A Family Affair' in 2011. 

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Likewise, Anisha Johnson is a model and a founder of 'Vintage Comma Collection LLC'. Her three kids, Walter Johnson Jr., Josh Johnson, and Casey Johnson are living away from the public eye. 

The second eldest child, Antonia Johnson Wright is a famous actress, rapper, author, and entrepreneur. She came into the entertainment industry in 2004 when appeared in 'My Super Sweet 16,' 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.' 

On the other hand, Toya is a well-recognized author of 'Priceless Inspiration', In My Own Words', and others. 

A picture with six children Rudy Johnson, Anisha Johnson Jr., Josh Johnson, Walter Johnson Jr., Casey Johnson, and Antonia Johnson.
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Death of Two Kids

She has to pass from the darkest day of her life when Andrews got the news of her two sons' deaths. 

On 31st July 2016, Rudy and Josh Johnson were found dead on the corner of  Pauger and North Miro Streets. They were shot and left inside the car, later pronounced they are dead. The information about the murder has not been found yet. 

Anita Johnson-Andrews' two sons Rudy and Josh Johnson who were shot.
Image Source: Instagram  

Drugs Addicted

After the shocking news of her son's death, Anita was addicted to drugs. She started using high-dose drugs to relieve the pain. 

But later, her other children sent her to rehab, and now is free from the habitat. She is living a happy life with her remaining kids and grandchildren. 

Married Life with Walter Andrews

Anita Johnson-Andrews is married to Toya's daddy, Walter Andrews. The couples are secretive people and have not shared their personal life info in front of the camera. They have been in a long-term married life and are parents of six. Currently, the pair are residing in New York with their children. 

Anita Johnson-Andrews with her husband  Walter Andrews and their daughter.
Image Source: Instagram

What is Anita Johnson-Andrews' Net Worth?

As the mother of a celebrity, without any doubt, we can say that Anita has been enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. 

She has not opened up her professional life but her daughter, Toya Johnson has an approximate net worth of $4 million. She has accumulated a massive amount from her successful career in the industry as an actress and rapper. Johnson also adds some amount from business and author of books. 

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