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About Angie Varona - Pics and Details About Instagram Model and Entrepreneur

Published Wed Dec 02 2020 By Aashika
About Angie Varona - Pics and Details About Instagram Model and Entrepreneur

Angie Varona is a model and an Instagram star. She is famous for modeling for various lingerie and bikini companies. She became the camera sensation after her nude picture got leaked on social sites.

Her birth name is Angeline Varona and was born on April 29, 1993, in Maimi, Florida, United States. She is the daughter of Juan Varona and Maria Varona and grew along with her sibling brother Varona. 

Let's look at some amazing facts about Varona. 

Net Worth: $500 Thousand 

Varona has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand which she accumulated from the modeling career in the industry. She has been working for the brand's promotions of bikini and other companies such as VPX Sports, Bang Enger, Fashion Nova, Clover dating app, and so on. From the endorsement, her income is around $30,000 to $50,000. 

Angie Varona endorsing Bang Enger customs. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Income As an Instagram Star 

Social media influencer has roughly $2.3 million followers on Instagram account. On Instagram, she promotes bikini and swimsuits whereas her payment is almost $3000 to $5000 per post. Likewise, there are roughly 71,000 and 480,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook respectively.

Love Life and Boyfriend

Angie Varona is currently having a romantic relationship with Juan Pablo Inguanzo. They have been dating for a long period and openly share their picture as a couple. The pair are happy with their love life and they may take their relationship one step towards.

The Instagram star with her boyfriend Juan Pablo Inguanzo.
Image Source: Instagram

Attempted Suicide

At the age of 18, the Instagram star was trying to commit suicide. The reason behind this was a negative criticism of the people in her pictures. 

On the other side, there were the people who were sharing her pictures without her permission, on the website which leads to being a successful model at her young age. 

Drug Addict and Alcoholic

Web model was an alcoholic and begins utilizing drugs cocaine for avoiding depression and anxiety. She was depressed by the people who were reacting to negative remarks in her photographs and begin calling her a pornography star and prostitute.

In fact, Varon's one of the social page was hacked where her nude pictures went leak and viral. After that, she came into the television along with her parents and got tears on her eyes, and made aware people not to share pictures.

Owned Two Dogs

She is a pet lover; possessed two dogs and named them Bacon and Bruce. In free days, she invested her energy with them and figure out how to adore others, and keeping tolerance in life. 

A cute picture with her dog.
Image Source: Instagram

Fitness Freak

The model has been maintaining her sexy body by doing daily exercises. She spent some time in the gym and follow proper diets to look fit. Her zero figure picture can be seen on the cover of magazines. 

Angie Varona clicking a picture in the gym hall and showing her fit body.
Image Source: Pinterest

Alma Maters

Besides modeling, Angie Varon is also a law student. She currently got a degree in J.D. (Juris Doctor). In early, she attended St.John A.Ferguson Senior High School, and after graduation, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the Florida International University.

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