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8 Facts About Angelo Pagan - Leah Remini's Husband Who is a Puerto Rican Businessman

Published Sat Nov 07 2020 By Aashika
8 Facts About Angelo Pagan - Leah Remini's Husband Who is a Puerto Rican Businessman

 Angelo Pagan is a popular actor who has done excellent work in movies like Swordfish, Almost a Woman, and Dance with Me. He is also a well-established businessman and musician. 

He came into this world on 16th May 1968 in Puerto Rico, later moved to The Bronx, New York City. In 1990, Pagan pursued his Bachelor's Degree from San Francisco State University. 

Look at some facts about Pagan for you to know.

Husband of Leah Remini

Angelo Pagan is the life partner of famous television personality, Leah Remini. They two met at a Cuban restaurant where they knew each other. In 2002, the actor gets on his knee and proposed to Remini and became her lover. 

After a year, in 2003, both got married and their wedding ceremony was shooted which was aired on the channel, VH1 special. Since then, the pair are enjoying a happy married life. 

A wedding picture of Angelo Pagan with actress Leah Remini. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Once Cheated on Wife

'Hawthorne' actor once cheated on Leah Remini which she confronted in 2015 that her husband was cheating on her. And being loyal, Pagan confessed to being a cheater, while Leah admitted that she was being a self-obsessed person. 

Then, both realized their mistakes after that, they gave second chance which leads their marriage to strong and going so far.  They never miss any time showing their love toward each other whether at the events or on social media. 

Father of Four Children

The promising actor is the father of four children; three sons and a daughter. He has three sons from his first marriage who are Angelo Pagan Jr., Alex, and Nicholas. They all are already grown up and are well-settled in their life.

A picture with three sons Angelo Pagan Jr., Alex, and Nicholas Pagans. 
Image Source: Instagram

In 2004, Angelo became the father of a little girl, Sofia Bella Pagan. She is currently 16 years old and is daddy's girl. She is the daughter of his second marriage with Remini. Sofia is usually spotted with her parents at an awards event and family pictures. 

Sofia Bella Pagan taking selfies with her mother.
Image Source: Instagram

Previous Marriage

Before marrying the actress, Pagan was wedded to the mother of his three sons. There is no information about his ex-wife. But the reason behind their unsuccessful marriage is due to Angelo's cheating habit.

What's His Net Worth?

Angelo Pagan holds an estimated net worth of $5 million which he earned as an actor and producer. He also makes millions of dollars through the venture. He started as a model in several magazines, later got a chance to act in 1989 from the 'Midnight Caller' series. From 2014, the actor left the Hollywood industry and has not worked in any movies and series.  

An Entrepreneur 

In 1999, he started his career as an entrepreneur. He runs 'Vivian's Millennium Cafe' along with his father-in-law, George Remini. The restaurant is located in Studio City, California which has been running since 1963. They are famous for serving delicious snacks and aromatic Puerto Rican coffee. 


The talented actor has a short journey in the music industry. He was a member of the musical group, 'Salsa Calienta'. With the band, he had sung a few tack songs and did a concert tour. 'No Tengas Miedo' is also his only album.

Angelo Pagan singing a song with his band. 
Image Source: E! Floridita


Pagan has done tattoos of his daughter’s and wife’s name on his shoulder. His ink reflects that he is a loving husband and a great father. 

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