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Angelina Jolie Hasn't Admitted Plastic Surgery Yet

Published Sat Sep 21 2019 By DGM
Angelina Jolie Hasn't Admitted Plastic Surgery Yet

The famous American actress and 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' star Angelina Jolie has been linked with different rumors of going under the knife and having a couple of plastic surgeries.

Jolie hasn't addressed the speculations of her having any sort of cosmetic work done on her body maybe because she doesn't want to them about them. Here are the surgeries that she is believed to have:

Angelina Jolie Before and After

The 44 years old actress, Jolie, has been able to transform quite well throughout her professional career in acting. She has magically altered her appearance and turned into an even more graceful woman. Take a look at the picture given below where you can see the picture of her from the past and present:

A picture of Angelina Jolie before (left) and after (right).
Angelina Jolie before (left) and after (right).
Picture Credit: Latest Plastic Surgery Gossip And News

You can easily see that there have been some severe changes on the body of the star. From her nose to her lips as well as the whole face looks so different than it ever used to be.

Lip Implants

Firstly, James Haven's sister is alleged to have implants on her lips because there have been a slight change in the size of her lips. 

Jolie's lower lip used to be a little bit thicker and fuller than her upper one in the past which eventually turned out to be almost equal in proportion some time later. And people have since then started giving their thoughts that she injected her lips with magical lip fillers.

Breast Implants

The mother of six has also been facing rumors of getting her breasts implants with the help of a surgeon's knife. Well, it is because her breasts appear more bigger and raised in comparison to how she used to have them in the past. 

Angelina Jolie's fans have been speculating that she had implants on her breasts. Take a look at the slight change in the layout of her breasts from past and present:

A picture of Angelina Jolie before (left) and after (right).
Angelina Jolie before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Janice Murrel

As you can see clearly, though there is't much of a huge difference, there is definitely one. A little bit of change in the size of her breasts have left us scratching our heads. But it could also be an outcome of the push-up bra which she might wear.

Nose Job

The ex-wife of Brad Pitt has also been the topic of having a successful nose job and altering the appearance of it by a small percentage. Previously, her nasal bridge used to be a bit thicker but that seem to have decreased as if cut off from her nose. Her nasal bridge has significantly reduced which could highly be the positive result of her rhinoplasty surgery.

Botox & Face Lift

Jolie, who is very good friends with her ex-spouse Billy Bob Thornton, has also been a major name when it comes to rumors of having Botox on her face. She is said to have the injections because she always wanted a young and beautiful skin like she used to have in her youth days. 

Angelina must have had the Botox injections on her face because she was tired with all the aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines that she gained. However, if it isn't the surgical injections on her face, then we are really shocked how she has been maintaining such a youthful skin at such age. 

A picture of Angelina Jolie before (left) and after (right).
Angelina Jolie looks still so young.
Picture Courtesy: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After

The gorgeous humanitarian has also been rumored that she got her face lifted with the help of the surgeon's knife. Her cheeks and forehead appear a little bit tightened and sewed as if tucked in with a needle. But there aren't much differences in her face which means that she has been balancing her facial skin a lot.

Chin Augmentation

The Oscar Award winning actress, Angelina Jolie, who has inked a total of 16 tattoos on her body, has also been insinuated to have her chin done via chin augmentation which is basically a kind of treatment where some part of the chin is reduced and added on the other part so that it matches to the person' s face. 

Previously, her chin used to be a little bit round-shaped but she has a little narrower cleft at both sides of her chin these days. However, it is just a rumor and shouldn't trusted with blind eyes.

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