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Facts About Angela Means – Brad Kaaya’s Wife and American Actress

Published Sun Aug 04 2019 By Akki
Facts About Angela Means – Brad Kaaya’s Wife and American Actress

Angela Means is an American actress, model, and producer, who came to limelight after her role in the film Friday (1995). She is also widely known for movies and TV shows like;  House Party 3 (1994) and Cousin Skeeter (1998). She was born November 19, 1963, in the United States. 

Here are 10 facts about Means:

What's her Net Worth?  

Angela Means has a net worth of $400,000, which she accumulated through her professional career as an actress and producer. Her income includes her earning from endeavor including modeling, photography, and business world. 

According to the PayScale, report, an American actress can earn from $19k to $171k depending upon their role and stardom, where an average actress salary is around $50k yearly.

Angela Means take a picture inside her car.
Angela Means poses for a picture inside her car.
Image Source; Insta@angelamonicameans

Relationship and Affair 

Angela Means is currently single, where she was previously married to an American screenwriter, Brad Kaaya Sr. The lovebird stayed together for several years and shares a son, Brad Kaaya Jr. together. The former ended-up their relations, when their son was five years old.

Brad Kaaya Sr. is also a producer and story editor, who is widely known for movies like; O (2001) and A Little Off the Top (1996).

Kid - A Son

Angela Means and Brad Kayya Sr. are the parents of Brad Kaaya Jr, who is an American football quarterback in National Football League. Kaaya Jr. was born on September 3, 1995, in West Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States. The former couple has been taking good care of their son together even after they had split-up.

Vegan Diet Follower

Vegan are people who don't eat meat and dairy product that comes from an animal. Means is a vegan and shares lots of information about the health benefits of vegetables and fruits on her social sites. 

Angela Means poses for a picture inside her cook room.
Angela Means taking a picture inside her restaurant.
Image Source; Insta@angelamonicameans

Jackfruit Cafe 

Jackfruit Cafe is a vegan restaurant located in California, which is owned by nor other than American producer Angela means. She was very fascinated with cooking and being a chef from her childhood. Being a vegan, she was inspired by the various choice of foods and to open a vegan restaurant. 

Jack fruit Cafe has been featured in numbers of top magazines including LA Weekly and Page Six. The restaurant has its own official websites, where people can order foods online. 

Animal Lover 

The Cherokee Kid actress is an avid animal lover, where she has also worked 5 years with Dog Rescuers as a dog walker. At the time, she was spotted several time walking with dogs in the street. 


 Means has contributed more than 25 years in the entertainment industry and has appeared over 12 movies and TV shows. She started her acting career in 1993 with a role in comedy TV series, "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" in S1 Ep 15 as Officer Houston. 

Angela Means taking a picture with her co-actor from House Party 3 (1994).
Angela Means and her co-actor from House Party 3 (1994) poses for a picture.
Image Source; Insta@angelamonicameans

Bye Felicia 

‘Bye Felicia’ is a viral meme around the 2000s from the comedy-drama movie Friday (1995). Angela played the role of 'Felisha' in the film, where she doesn't have any line in the movie. However, the scene, where Ice Cube aka Craig Jones says, “Bye, Felicia,” became an iconic line from the movie.

American Youth Football 

In 2001, Angela Means worked as the director of operations at American Youth Football located in West San Fernando Valley, California. Her duty and responsibility were to overlook the operations for game day and managing the event.

Social Sites 

The House Party 3 actress manages her time for the social sites, out of her busy schedule. She has an official Instagram account @angelamonicameans with 22.2k followers and 1850 posts till present. She posts the picture of herself and a vegan diet supporting vegan people.

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