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All Facts About Angela Cullen

Published Tue Mar 15 2022 By sijal
All Facts About Angela Cullen

Angela Cullen is a popular media personality who had a hand in many fields including Hockey and medicines. She is a professional physiotherapist with a year experience of working as a therapist for Lewis Hamilton who is a British motorsports racing driver.

Angela was born on August 5, 1994, in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand. Her family was just an ordinary family in New Zealand. This 50-year-old woman is a mother and a strong lady who is an inspiration for many.   

Early life and Educational Background

The licensed physiotherapist was already interested in medical fields since she was at a primary level school. She did her formal education in the local school of  Devonport and for further studies, she joined the honored Auckland University of Technology located in Auckland, New Zealand.

 Talking about the subject she did graduate in was health science and physiotherapy. In addition, her career started just after graduating, and started to work as a physiotherapist in different hospitals.

How is the professional life of Angela?

Cullen was an all-rounder in different fields cause of her skills and talent. With her high-quality education and smartness, she successfully became a physiotherapist and got the opportunity to serve reputed personalities, one of them was Lewis Hamilton. 

 During that period Angela was also seen in the field of hockey plus in other athletic games like basketball, baseball, and so on. Angela's main definition is bold, multi-talented, and a strong woman with a wise heart. By now she is working under the Mercedes-AMG Petronas FI Team.

Angela Cullen with Lewis Hamilton after the end of car match
Relationship of Angela Cullen and Lewis Hamilton. source: Instagram@cullen_angela 

What's total earnings of Angela?

Moving to the earnings of the former hockey fielder, she has quite good earnings through the former jobs and present jobs she is doing. 

Firstly as a physiotherapist, she used to pay almost $60,000, and from her current job as a crew chief and refueling person in the FI team she earns $1,350,000 USD dollars in total as of 2022. Altogether, the total estimated net worth of Angela Cullen is $2 million dollars.

Is Angela Lesbian? What's her relationship with Lewis?

Angela Cullen and Lewis Hamilton were known to each other since they began their careers. Cullen is way older than Lewis in age but still, many Lewis fans criticized Angela for being too close to Hamilton. 

But looking into their relationship professionally she is just doing the part of her job while personally, they are more like best friends and a strong booster for each other.

Angela Cullen's son and daughter doing a mountain trekking, her son is wearing a blue t-shirt while daughter is wearing a cute pink t-shirt
Angela Cullen doing mountain trekking with her children Bella and Julien. source: Instagram@cullen_angela

In reference to her sexuality going through her social media pages, Angela is influenced and supportive of gender equality but it doesn't mean she is one of them. The only reason for supporting is giving respect and taking respect.

Relationship Status 

It's not a surprise that Angela Cullen is a married woman and had been married to an athletic and professional cyclist Silas Cullen for more than 20 years. 

The couple is happily married and is blessed with three children, one daughter (Bella Cullen) and two sons(Julien Cullen), currently residing in Menthon-Saint-Bernard, France. She often posts regarding her family while most of her post is about her working fields, fitness, and gyms.

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