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Angela Bassett's $20 Million Net Worth - $6 Million House in LA "Black Panther" Salary

Published Fri Jul 10 2020 By Aashika
Angela Bassett's $20 Million Net Worth - $6 Million House in LA "Black Panther" Salary

Angela Bassett is known for her most notable portrayed of the character Tina Turner in the biopic ‘What’s Love Got to Do with it’ in 1993. By her outstanding performance, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress.

She has earned the net worth of $20 million which she earned through his professional acting career. She also added some worth as producer as well as brand endorsement.

Here is some information on how Bassett makes her income. 

Lavish House: $6 million

Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney Vance bought a home on Fremont Place, Los Angeles, CA in $6 million. 

The house has perfect features 5 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, on a 26,595 corner, and also 2,500 sq. ft. separate 2 room office/guest & full gyms and other extraordinary compounds. She lives with her husband and two children Bronwyn Vance and Slater Vance.

Her house in Fremont Place, Los Angeles, CA.

Highest-Grossed Movie: ‘Black Panther’

The beautiful actress has appeared in numerous movies and short films. Her highest earning movie is ‘Black Panther’ where she starred as Ramonda. It is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name which was released in 2018. ‘Black Panther’ was made on the budget of $200 million and earned $1.347 billion on the box office.

In the movie, her character is about T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Shuri’s (Letitia Wright) Mother, the Queen Mother of Wakanda. Ramonda serves as an adviser to T’Challa for when he would otherwise have turned to his father.

Her look in the movie 'Black Panther' as Queen Ramonda.
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Earning from Television and Movies

Angela Bassett is one of Hollywood’s most prominent African-American actress who is a high earning actress of today. She made her first debut from a television show on the drama series ‘Search for Tomorrow’ as Sarina McCulla in 1985. After struggling for seven-year, she got her first big-screen movie ‘The Jackson: An American Dream’ in 1992. 

'Vampire in Brooklyn'.
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Later, she appeared in numerous movies such as What’s Love Got to Do with It, Vampire in Brooklyn, Strange Days, Waiting to Exhale, Contact, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and many more which helps to increase her net worth.

She is a Producer and Director

Besides acting, she has also produced a few projects. In 2002, she starred and was an executive producer of the television movie ‘The Rosa Parks Story’. She was the executive producer of the Fox drama 9-1-1. 

Moreover, she has directed two episodes of American Horror Story and one episode of the television documentary ‘Breakthrough’.

Appearances in Music Videos 

In 2008, she was in the music video 'I Love Rock-n-Roll' and 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' during her stint on the medical drama ER.

Endorsement With Big Brands

'Strange Days’ actress has endorsed many brand companies such as Airbnb (in 2015), Boehringer Ingelheim (in 2018), and National Urban League (2012).

In addition, she also endorsed Hillary Clinton for president during the 2016 United States presidential election, saying "Bar none, Clinton would make a great president."

Charity Works

Bassett is active in many social activities. She is a supporter of programs for the arts, especially for youth. She annually attends events for children with diabetes and those in foster homes. She is an active Ambassador of UNICEF for the United States. 

She is a supporter of the Royal Theater Boys & Girls Club in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. Also represented by the Executive Speakers Bureau of Memphis.

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