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Andrew James - DJ Babey Drew’s Son With Baby Mama Traci Steele

Published Wed Aug 14 2019 By Samana
Andrew James - DJ Babey Drew’s Son With Baby Mama Traci Steele

Andrew James is a first born celebrity baby born to DJ Babey Love and DJ Traci Steele. Andrew was born on 5th May 2006. 

The name "Andrew" is an English form of the Greek name "Andreas" which was derived from the name 'Andreios' which means 'Manly', 'Masculine'. 

Parents Net Worth 

Andrew James's father, DJ Babey Love's net worth totals up to be $5 million. DJ Babey Love is a famous DJ who has worked with many famous artists like Chris Brown, Diplo, Skrillex. He is also Kardashian's first choice for a DJ for their grand parties. 

Andrew's mother, DJ Traci Steele's net worth totals up to be $800,000. DJ Traci is also a rapper, a writer and a reality television show star who has starred on the show "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" alongside her baby father DJ Babey. Traci has already worked in the hottest Hip Hop FM Station in Atlanta. 

Parent's Relationship 

There has been many loud screams and fights of Traci Steele on the set of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta because she did not want to be labelled as DJ Babey Love's 'baby mama'. It was all after Andrew's baby sister was born. 

Andrew's parents don't have a fixated or a fully labelled relationship as DJ Babey was never fully committed to DJ Traci Steele. Their relationship is questioned by everyone because when Traci and Babey were supposedly 'together', he went around her back and had a baby together.

Andrew James' parents Traci and DJ Babey,
Andrew's parents Traci Steele and DJ Babey Drew.
Image Source: Joe Stuckey Wardrobe Stylist

Sibling - Autumn Noelle 

Andrew is the big brother of his step sibling named Autumn Noelle. Autumn Noelle was born on 18th July 2013. Autumn was born to Andrew's father DJ Babey Drew and his baby mama, Mieko Love who is also a rapper. 

Despite the two being siblings from different mothers, their same father has made sure that there were no differences between them and the two be real tight with each other and have a strong bond. 

Andrew with her baby sister Autumn.
Andrew with her baby sister Autumn.
Image Source: Instagram/babeydrew

Already an actor 

The Instagram famous celebrity baby Andrew James who has 3.8k followers has "Actor" written on his bio. He has also posted a picture of him expressing his excitement about being an actor. 

The movie's name is Driving Black in America and it was premiered on 28th February, 2019. 

Hung Out With Chris Brown When He Was Little 

Andrew's momma posted a video on her Instagram sharing her feelings on her little kid growing up so fast. She had firstly posted a picture of Andrew and later posted the throwback video so that everyone on her Instagram could see how much Andrew had grew up. 

The video includes young Chris Brown and little Andrew who is hearing Chris' cap which is a little too big for his head.

Andrew James is just hanging out, having random conversation and eating Oreo with Breezy.

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