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Andrew Garfield's $10 Million Net Worth - Owned House With Emma Stone Once

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By aisha
Andrew Garfield's $10 Million Net Worth - Owned House With Emma Stone Once

Andrew Garfield is a British-American actor best known for his role in Amazing Spider-man as Peter Parker who is worth $10 million. In October 2007, he was in the list of '10 Actor to Watch' by American media Company Variety.  

He is the winner of the British Academy television award for best Actor in Boy A and has won 29 different category awards while he has been nominated for 115 awards. 

How did he Earned This Net worth? 

The 35 years old actor, Andrew is also known as Spider-man has accumulated $10 million from his career as an actor. He has also appeared in many movies and Television series like Doctor Who, Boy A, Sugar Rush, Never Let me go, The Social Network, Amazing Spider-man and more.  

Garfield is also known as Peter has done many endorsements, sponsorship deals, and photoshoots which have helped him to increase his net worth.  

House of Andrew and Emma worth $2.5 Million 

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stones standing in front of their house worth $2.5 million
House owned by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stones
Image Source: YouTube

Andrew Garfield used to own a house in Beverly Hills with his beloved Ex Emma Stones which was worth $2.5 million in 2012 which used to belong to late English actor Dudley Moore. 

The house stands on 3,900 square feet with four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a wine cellar, a living room, a dining room, and many other features. 

Expensive Cars owned by Andrew

Andrew Garfield wearing his black jacket while entering his car
Andrew Garfield entering his car.
Image Source: Metro

With his huge net worth the British-American actor Andrew Garfield own many expensive and luxury cars like Audi A7 which is worth $68,000, Porsche Panamera which is owned by many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres, and more which cost $102,900 and a Chevrolet Equinox LTZ worth $24,795.

Earning and Income Source  

Garfield started his career at a very early age and best known for performance in movies like Boy A, Amazing Spider-man 1&2, Lions for Lambs, Red Riding, The Social Network, Never Let me go, and more. Andrew has gathered up to $500,000 as a salary from his movies.    

His major source of income is from his acting career as Andrew has appeared in many television series like Freezing, Swinging, Trial & Retribution and others. He has done various photoshoots and has been in the cover magazine in Teen Vogue. From his photoshoots, sponsorship, and endorsements he has earned up to $3 million.   

He has also signed many movies and projects where he will be appearing with Jason Schwartzman and Maya Hawke. He will be in a movie that is based on a true-life event of James Rhodes.   

Earning from Spider man

Andrew Garfield wearing blue and red suit of Spiderman
Andrew Garfield as Sipderman.
Image Source: Pride

Among Andrew Garfield's all the movies, his best and most grossed movie is The Amazing-Spiderman starring his ex-girlfriend Emma Stones which is a fictional superhero of DC comics that collected $757.9 million and its sequel was able to gather $709 million while Andrew got $500,000 as salary.

Donated $10,000 Which he Earned From a Game

Andrew supports 4 foundations, project and charity they are Small Steps Project. Stand Up To Cancer, Starlight Children's Foundation and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. He once gave a surprise to children by dressing up as Spider-man while visiting in the charity of Brixton, London. He is also the sports ambassador of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. 

He once went on the Ellen show while the hostess made him play a game to do as many dance steps given to him through a card while he only had 45 seconds to do the steps. 

Ellen said that he will make $1,000 for making every steps correctly and can donate every money to whichever Organizations he chooses. The handsome actor made $10,000 and donated that to the  Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

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