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What's Andrea Lowe Net Worth? 66% of Her Income is Just From "DCI Banks"

Published Mon Feb 20 2023 By sush
What's Andrea Lowe Net Worth? 66% of Her Income is Just From "DCI Banks"

Did you know that the actress, Andrea Lowe, who played the character of Annie Cabbot in DCI Banks has an estimated net worth of over $3 million? Making her acting career prominent with one of the toughest crime thrillers, one who had started from scratch, she has come a far way, hasn't she?

Even before she got recognition as "Annie" from DCI Banks, she had a pretty good name in the industry, having played in 2000's Costume drama, Pandaemonium as Edith Southey. Despite not being one of the pretty prominent names in the industry, she still has worked in some of the famous films and series.  

Moreover, she is married to a businessman and a fashion buyer. And now, she reportedly lives in a house in London’s East End with her boyfriend, an area which they are rumored to own, where Andrea has a massive collection of high-end fashion clothes which she gets from her lover.

Net Worth Of Andrea

Andrea Lowe has been in the film industry for over a decade now. Though she might not be an as prominent actress, she has played in over a dozen of projects, including short movies, and films to television series. So, though she may not have amassed a colossal amount, she certainly has made enough for her to live a luxurious and ritzy life.

Andrea Lowe as Annie Cabbot from DC Banks
Andrea Lowe as Annie Cabbot from DCI Banks. (Source: The Lady)

The net worth of Pandaemonium actress, Andrea Lowe is estimated to be over $3 million. She earned this fortune through her career in the film industry as her primary source. As for now, she doesn't seem to be investing in businesses. However, she also makes appearances in different shows. 

Moreover, she has also done commercials and presented different brands. So, she is also compensated with endorsements from the brands. 

Andrea's Boyfriend Is A Businessman And Fashion Buyer 

You all must be well familiar that Andrea is in a live-in relationship with her long-time boyfriend. She is in a relationship with a man named Terry Betts who is also the father of her kid and is reported to be pretty well-off. 

Andrea Lowe with her boyfriend, Terry Betts, her kid, and pet.
Andrea Lowe with her boyfriend, Terry Betts, her kid, and pet. (Source: Instagram@terrybetts)

According to sources, Andrea's boyfriend, Terry is a businessman and fashion buyer who is also the Director of Buying and Business Development of Thread. As the total estimated pay for a Fashion Buyer in the United States is $88,129 per year, he must make a lot of money.

Moreover, Andrea's boyfriend, Terry is also a businessman, who, as per sources, has made a lot of investments in stocks, different businesses, and projects. Moreover, the sources also state that he has signed a partnership with the financial company Klarna For Business. Though it isn't revealed yet, he is also believed to have taken an interest in the real estate business. 

How Much Did Andrea Make From "DCI Banks"?

Remembered as one of the most complex crime thrillers, DCI Banks sure does hold its reputation. Moreover, the show also became one of the most-watched shows of the week on the ITV Network with its episodes gaining over 6.55 million viewers. So, it's apparent that casts of such a successful show, made quite a lot, right?

Well, according to sources, Andrea made a good sum of around $80k per episode of the thriller show. She played for the show starting from 2010 to 2016. Moreover, she appeared in 27 episodes of the show. So, even if calculated approximately, she made over $2 million from the show alone. 

Woah, wasn't expecting that much right? Well, apparently she did. Moreover, the show is one of their career highlights of Andrea, so good for her, she was able to make the most out of it. And after the show, she doesn't seem to be much activity in the industry. However, it's undeniable that she is living a good life.

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