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Meet Andre Braugher – “Captain Holt” From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Published Tue Dec 03 2019 By DGM
Meet Andre Braugher – “Captain Holt” From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andre Keith Braugher, or just Andre Braugher or Captain Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine was born on 1st July 1962 in Chicago. 

The Primetime Emmy Award winner had us all swooning over him and his talent since his first debut movie in the year 1989. After 1989, he has graced many movies and television show series which earned him many awards too.

Here are some facts about the multi-talented actor we all love very much.

What's his Net Worth?

Andre Braugher has a massive net worth of $8 million. Braugher earned his riches through his successful career as a very talented actor.

Marriage- Is he Gay?

As seen on Brooklym Nine-Nine,  Captain Holt is gay and faced a lot of hardship in his field of work. But is he really gay? Or is his acting skills so good that we just assumed that he is gay in real life too? The short and sweet answer to this is, yes, Andre Braugher is a great actor and alongside his husband Kevin, he got us all wondering if he is gay in real life too.

A picture of Andre Braugher with his wife, Ami Brabson.
Andre Braugher with his wife, Ami Brabson.
Image Source: Getty Images

The lucky woman who is married to this masterpiece of a human is named Ami Brabson. The couple met on the set of "Homicide" and fell for each other throughout those times. They tied the knot in the year 1991 and have been living happily ever since then. 

Three Children

Andre and his wife Ami are the proud parents of three children. Their first child is named Michael Braugher and he was born in 1992, only after a year of their marriage. The second child is named Isaiah Braugher and he was born on the year 1997. The couple's youngest baby is named John Wesley and he was born on the year 2002. 

A picture of Andre Braugher's three kids.
Andre Braugher's three kids.
Image Source: Wall of Celebrities

The boys are very close to each other and is very protective of one another. All of them share a good bond which is making their family a wonderful one.

Alma Mater- Education

Andre Braugher attended St. Ignatius College Prep which later earned him a spot at Stanford University. After that, he was not really happy and wanted to do what his heart and mind were really into- acting. After Stanford, Andre attended Juilliard School's Drama Division and graduated from the institution with flying colors.


There had been rumors about Andre leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine for good and of course, he had to take it in his hand to brush it all off. He created a Twitter account and made a few of his first tweets related to the comedy series which could only mean one thing- the rumors are all false. And what better way to address it than doing something that Captain Holt would do.

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