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Amy Stran - Everything About QVC Shopping Channel Host and More

Published Thu Sep 23 2021 By Kri
Amy Stran - Everything About QVC Shopping Channel Host and More

Amy Stran is popularly known as a TV host for the popular home shopping channel QVC. She is a blog writer alongside being a TV host. 

Amy as a multi-talented person also has another talent as she was also a vocal coach for almost six years in different plays and television shows. 

She is a successful TV host who has also interviewed popular fashion personalities like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

Early Life

Stran was born on June 19, 1979, in Kingsville, Maryland, America. She was born to Iris Stran and Herbert Andrew :Drew: Stran Jr. She grew alongside her two sisters Jessica Stran Chiari and Sarah Stran Palmere, older sister and younger sister respectively.

Amy is currently settled in Philadelphia however her parents still reside in Maryland where they run an antique shop. 


Catawba College
Carver Centre For Arts And Technology

Net Worth

The QVC host Amy Stran has an estimated net worth of $700k, which includes all her assets, income, and wealth. The primary source of her income is her career as a TV host. 

Amy Stran before appearing as host on QVC thanking her stylist
Source: Instagram/@amystranqvc

She also has an estimated annual salary of around $60k dollar as a TV host. With all her earnings Stran is living a happy and modest life. She updates about her life and other activities through her social media. 

Family- Husband And Children

TV host Amy Stran is happily married to her husband Steve Stran and is blessed with two children. The couple first met in 1994 as work buddies. 

During those years Amy struggled financially and had taken over the job as a waitress in a hotel. Steve used to work as a bartender in the same hotel where Amy worked as a waitress. 

Amy Stran with her husband Steve Stran
Source: Instagram/@amystranqvc

The couple Amy and Steve Stran fell in love with each other while working and dated for almost thirteen years and finally decided to tie knots in 2007. the couple has been happily spending time with each other for more than a decade. Steve currently is a businessman running his own real estate business.

Amy Stran's daughter Bree Stran and son Clayton Stran
Source: Instagram/@amystranqvc

Alongside being a successful TV host and wife she is also a very successful mother. Their first child was born in 2014 and their second child was born in 2016. The name of their two children is daughter Bree Stran and son Clayton Stran. The parents love their children very much as seen through the social media of Amy. 

Misconception about Twin Sister

There is news that surfaces that Anna Stran has a twin sister named Erin Tran. However, that is nothing but just a misconception. Erin is also a TV personality and host for QVC. 

They are work friends and nothing more. Erin's last name is not Stran but Moseley and Amy and her don't even share the same birthdays. Amy having a twin sister is just a big misunderstanding. 

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