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Amy Poehler's $25 Million Net Worth - "Park and Recreation" Star Earned $200k Per Episode

Published Fri Dec 27 2019 By Akki
Amy Poehler's $25 Million Net Worth - "Park and Recreation" Star Earned $200k Per Episode

The American actress and comedian, Amy Poehler has an enormous net worth of $25 million. The total box office collection from the 12 movies she appeared is around $2.38 billion. 

She is the winner of the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards as a guest actress for the comedy series Saturday Night Live.

Here are some facts about her net worth;

Two Houses in Manhattan 

Amy Poehler owns a luxurious two condo units in Manhattan, New York. She and her ex-husband Will Arnett purchased the two contiguous in 2007 and 2010, respectively. 

The duo paid a total of $8 million for 2,446 square feet and 1,693 square feet of land covered houses. Following the divorce, she paid $6.49 million to her former spouse for the two condos in 2017. 

Amy Poehler house.
Satellite image of Amy Poehler mansion.
Image Source: Virtual Global Trotting

Currently, the houses are one combined unit consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house is listed for the sale $7 million and $24k a month for a rental by an actress as stated on

Poehler also owns a gigantic mansion with a swimming pool in Beverly Hills, California. The house was bought at $3.63M in 2014 and remodeled it later.

Drives Mercedes Benz Car 

The Millionaire actress, Poehler owns black colored 2012 Mercedes Benz R350 4MATIC, which original price was $52,690 as stated in the Cars. U.S. News. She often got spotted drives on the road of California. 

A picture of Amy Poehler opening her car door.
Amy Poehler taking a photo in front of her car.
Image Source; Daily Mail

Income from Movies and Shows 

The majority of her wealth is obtained from her career in the entertainment industry. She is an actress, producer, and screenwriter, who has done over 88 hit films and series. She debuted from 50 min comedy TV movie; Escape from It's a Wonderful Life (1996).

Poehler has voiced "Joy' in a blockbuster animation, Inside Out (2015). The film was made in a $175 million budget and accumulated over $857.61 million worldwide. She played the role of Angie in comedy, romance movie; Baby Mama (2008), which had a massive box office of $64.16 million.

A picture of Amy as Angie for Baby Mama.
Amy Poehler in Baby Mama movie.
Image Source: Pinterest

Earned $200,000 per episode 

Following the success and fame, the actress received $200,000 per episode as a salary from the 2009 TV series; Parks and Recreation as stated in the Huff Post. She appeared as "Leslie Knope" over 127 episodes in 7 seasons of the show. She won the 2014 Golden Globes Awards in the category of the best TV actress for the show.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls is an organization created by the Comedian her self along with an executive director. Meredith Walker. The company is dedicated to helping young people life's problem in informative ways. 

The organized has its official website, YouTube channel, and Tumblr page. The social sites share articles and interviews with smart women. The sites also feature programs and shows that teach the lesson for everyday activities.

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