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Amber Skye Noyes – “Quantico” Actress

Published Mon Jul 15 2019 By Akki
Amber Skye Noyes – “Quantico” Actress

Amber Skye Noyes is an American actress, singer, and songwriter based in New York, who has worked in hit series like 'Quantico'. 

Born on February 17, 1987, in New Jersey to Karyn Carpenter, she studied Emerson College and later on, she attended and got graduated from New York University. 

Here are 10 facts about Amber Skye Noyes.

Noyes' Net Worth 

Amber Skye is a successful actress, singer, and songwriter, who has accumulated an impressive net worth of $500,000. 

According to the PayScale, the average actress earns around $50110 yearly, while the salary is range from $19,000 to $180,000 depending upon their skill and performance. In addition, she also collects from her concerts, events, and tours.

Amber Skye takes a selfie inside her car.
Amber Skye taking a picture inside her car.
Image Source: Insta@@amberskyenoyes

Lavish Life 

Being an actress, Amber Skye Noyes has been living a lavish life traveling different places for a movie shoot and events, where she has traveled to Scotland, Callanish Stones, and Sapphire, North Carolina as apart from her acting career.


The Village actress has an elder brother Tyler Noyes, who was born on March 14, 1986. He has also been contributing as an actor, where he had played the role of CJ Roberts on One Life to Live from 1992 to 1997.

Nature Lover 

Apart from Amber Skye Noyes busy schedule, she loves to spend her quality of time in quiet nature fondness to the fragrance of Delightful flowers and roaming around its beauty. 

Stalking on social media, we can see pictures of herself as an angel lost in the heaven of earth. 

Amber Skye Noyes poses for a beautiful picture
Amber Skye taking a shot and enjoying nature.
Image Source: Insta@amberskyenoyes.

Social Sites 

Besides tide timetable, The Deuce actress manages to be active on her social sites, where she has 7036 followers on Twitter accounts @Amberskye33 and 7793 fan follower on her Instagram account @amberskyenoyes. She posts random pictures of herself and works to her well-wisher.


The Quantico actress is a pet lover, where she has a Siberian Husky dog 'Nali'. She loves to cuddle her dog when she's at her home and take him to walk. 

Recently, she posts the picture of Nali in the road with the snowflakes aside in Ashokan Reservoir, New York captioned 'dog travel'.

Amber Skye Instagram post of her dog.
Amber Skye taking a picture of her dog for Instagram story.
Image Source: Insta@amberskyenoyes.

YouTube Channel 

Noyes has a YouTube channel 'Amber Skye Noyes' created on Mar 8, 2009, where she uploads her music videos stuff. 

According to the Social Blade, she earns around $111 as a YouTuber, where she has more than 1.1k subscriber with 10 videos and over 140,509 as total views.


Amber Skye Noyes has contributed as a singer and songwriter since 2010, where she has released single hit like; "Howlin", "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and "This is a Man's World" (James Brown Cover) and her music are available on iTunes and Spotify.

Amber Skye Performing on her Friday night show.
Amber Skye flashback of Friday show in NYC.
Image Source: Insta@amberskyenoyes.

Amber Skye is also a visual artist, who directs her own music video projects and perform original music regularly in NYC. In addition, she has also directed and produced her own music video "Howlin".

Acting Career 

The multi-talented star Noyes had an acting debut in 2013 from the American television series as a Michelle in 'One Life to Live'. After that, same year she also worked as an actor in The CW hit series; "Beauty & the Beast", where she appeared over 7 episodes in a role of Tori Windsor.

Amber has also worked in TV shows like; 'Blindspot', 'The Deuce', and 'FBI', where She is also widely known for her role as Celine Fox in Quantico.

Amber Skye Noyes taking a beautiful shot in sunset.
Amber Skye got capture on camera.
Image Source: Insta@amberskyenoyes.


The Beauty and the Beast actress has an official website for the fans and well wisher from where they can also get connected to her social media. She updates about her tour and music stuff to fans through her website.

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