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About Amber Serrano - Singer Ralph Tresvant's Wife and Visual Art Designer

Published Mon Aug 17 2020 By pratikshya
About Amber Serrano - Singer Ralph Tresvant's Wife and Visual Art Designer

Amber Serrano is an actress and visual art designer of her own company 'Divine Inner Vision'. Furthermore, she came to the limelight after she married an American contemporary R&B singer, Ralph Tresvant. 

She was born on 29 May 1976 in the United States of America grew up in an Afro- American culture and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Her parents were engineers.  

Let's find some interesting facts of Serrano:-

What's her Net worth & Earnings?

Actress Serrano's estimated net worth is $15 million. She earns a huge amount from her career as an actress and singer as well as she successfully runs her business as well. 

Her, husband, Ralph Tresvant has a huge amount of net worth $8 million which he earned as a singer, songwriter, and musician. 

Conjugal Life with Ralph Tresvant

Amber Serrano married her long-term boyfriend Ralph Tresvant on 18 September 2004. Before they tied a knot they dated for eight years. They take a vow in front of their friend Ricky Bell and his wife Amy Correa. The couple is happily married and lives together. 

Amber Serrano with her husband Ralph Tresvant. 
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Previous Marriage of Tresvant

The R&B singer was married before. Ralph was married to Shelly Tresvant but they could not sustain their relationship and go through a divorce. They had three children.

The main reason for Ralph's divorce with Shelly was that She found that Ralph was cheating on her with Amber. And the couple ends up their marriage into divorce.

Tresvant's ex-wife Shelly Tresvant and their three children.
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Has A Son - Dakari Tresvant

Entrepreneur Amber is the mother of a son. Her son's name is Dakari Tresvant was born in 2005 in the United States of America. He is working as writing songs and singer-musician. He shares a special bond with his mother. 

Amber Serrano with her husband and son Dakari Tresvant.
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Stepmother of Three Children

She is also a step-mother of three children from her husband's previous marriage. The first children are daughter name Na'Quelle Tresvant and the second daughter's name is Mariah Tresvant and Three children are son name Ralph Tresvant Jr. 

She is grandparents from her stepdaughter Na'Quelle Trasvant- Smith gave birth to a child. 

Had Rough Childhood

Amber's childhood was not so normal like other children as she has to face her parents' divorce at an early age of eight. She grew young with her younger sister and elder brother where she shares a very strong bond with her siblings. 

There would be the daily quarrels between her parents from which she suffered mentally. So, she moved to her grandparents' house.

Singer and Actress of Hollywood Industry

Serrano's first started her career from the solo music album. She was vocally blessed and sang in various movie tracks such as "Mo Money" from "Money Can't Buy You Love", "Preacher 's Wife", " Somebody Bigger Than You and I" and so on. 

Later, she acts in biographical three-part miniseries "The New Edition Story". Also, she is a visual artist and visual art designer. Serrano is the owner of "The Divine Inner Vision Agency" which brings a handsome amount to her net worth.

Her Spouse's Career

Her husband, Ralph Tresvant is a famous singer known as Rizz or Rizzo is a songwriter, actor, and record producer Ralph Tresvant. He is a multi-talented and popularly known as the lead singer of the R&B group New Edition. He has sing multiple of a song like Candy Girl, New Edition, All for Love, Under the Blue Moon, Heart Break, and many more. 

Body Appearance 

Amber Serrano is 5 feet 7 -inch height and weight of 120 lbs. She has brown slightly curled hair and dark eyes which make her very gorgeous. 

Social Media

Serrano is active on social media. She handles the Instagram account only with username: @ambertresvant  with 13.6k  followers.

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