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LAHH's Amara La Negra Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos With Meaning

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By DGM
LAHH's Amara La Negra Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos With Meaning

The famous American musical artist and the 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHHM)' star Amara la Negra has had two plastic surgeries to enhance her body. She has also inked a total of six tattoos on her body holding a different meaning for her life.

Amara has admitted about her plastic surgeries being very open and says that she doesn't regret them. Here is everything you need to know about the surgeries and tattoos she has on her body:

Amara La Negra Before & After

The 28 years old television personality Negra has faced a lot of transformations in her breasts and buttocks as she had some kind of work done there, mostly increment. She just filled those body parts and made them look bigger than ever.

A picture of Amara La Negra before (left) and after (right).
PIcture of Amara La Negra before (left) and after (right) Surgery.

As you can easily see, Amara has changed quite a bit, thanks to the surgeries she had for enhancing herself. 

Breast Implants

In a video, the gorgeous actress Amara revealed that  also opted for breast implants as it wasn't something new for family members. Every female including her mamma used to have slim waist but bigger breasts and buttocks which eventually also pulled her into the plastic world. She also wished for having such wonderful body like her mother so she had the implants on her breasts.

Buttocks Implants

As having curvy waist with bigger rear end was a trend for women in Amara La Negra's family, it wasn't much of a harder decision for her to go under the knife. 

The main motive of her having the implants were to achieve more bigger and raised breasts though they looked a bit puffy than before. She just wanted an extreme increment in their size. Therefore, she had the magical implants on her buttocks which gifted her with the glamorous breasts.

Tattoos & Their Meaning

Amara La Negra has inked a total of six tattoos on her body with each holding a special meaning. Her tattoos and their meaning are as follows:

A picture of Amara La Negra's tattoos.
Compilation of Amara La Negra's tattoos.

Stars on Belly

There are some stars inked on the right side of the belly of the musician. There are little stars along with a bigger one and the stars are considered to be the symbol of spirituality and truth.

Writing on Rib Cage

Above the stars tattoo above belly of Amara, there is a small writing inked on the right rib cage of Amara. The writing could be either a name or a word representing something.

Writing on the Side of Left Hand

Negra has inked two words on the side of her left hand which appear to be some kind of name or proverb.

Star on Right Hand

Star which represents the fight against darkness is inked on the right hand of the actress. It is located near near her right wrist and has made her hand look more magnificent.

Bolt on Left Hand

Thunderbolt's logo which is thought to be the symbol of excessive power is inked on the left hand of the black American star. It is located on the same spot as the star tattoo is located but the hand is opposite i.e. left.

Symbol on the Middle Finger

There is some kind of a symbol inked on the middle finger of the 'Bendecidas' star Negra. It seems to be a kind of flower or symbol of something.

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