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Amanda Seyfried Plastic Surgery and Tattoos With Pictures

Published Mon Oct 21 2019 By DGM
Amanda Seyfried Plastic Surgery and Tattoos With Pictures

The gorgeous and eminent actress, Amanda Seyfried, has been linked with different rumors that she went under the knife and had a total of three plastic surgeries done to enhance her beauty. She has also inked a tattoo on her leg.

Though Seyfried hasn't revealed that she got the job done, she once admitted that she wanted to have cosmetic surgery. Here is everything you need to know about the surgery speculations and tattoo that the actress has: 

Amanda Seyfried Before & After

The ''Red Riding Hood' star  Amanda Seyfried has been quite successful to transform herself when it comes to her body and face. Here is a picture of how she was in the past and how she is at present:

A picture of Amanda Seyfried before (left) and after (right).
Amanda Seyfried before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Pinterest

As you can see, there are some sure changes on Amanda's body which indicate us about some sort of artificial changes such as Botox and nose job.

Nose Job 

It is believed that the beautiful Amanda Seyfried has went under the knife to get her nose done because she, herself, had stated that she wanted to have a nose job when she was 25 years old.

And as she is currently 33, it have been the case that she indeed had her nose done fulfilling her long time wish. She had stated that she would look a completely different person in the next coming years which seems to be becoming true soon. 

There is a quite change in Amanda's nose from the past and present as her nose used to be a little more thick with circular shape in the past whereas it has now altered into a thinner and beautiful nose. 

Breast Implants

The 33 years old actress has been rumored that she also has done breast implants surgery to enhance the size of her breasts giving them a raised appearance. 

In the past, she used to have a pair of smaller breasts but it has been exactly opposite when talking about the present. Her breasts have become much rounder and boosted up, possibly with the help of a surgeon.

Chin Implant

Thomas Sadoski's wife Amanda Seyfried has also been speculated that she also had a chin implant in order to enhance her chin and give it a better shape. If we take a close look at her picture from past and present, we can notice that her chin appears to be more improved. 

The change in her chin has also resulted in her face appearing more elongated and stretched out. So, the rumor of her having chin implant can be actually true. Check out the picture given below for detailed view:

A picture of Amanda Seyfried before (left) and after (right).
Amanda Seyfried before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online

Tattoo & Its Meaning

Amanda Seyfried has the word 'minge' inked on her left feet on the inner side. She had the matching tattoo with her fellow best friends and 'Mama Mia!' co-stars; Rachel and Ashley. 

For the actress, the word is just a funny nickname but she didn't have any idea that it actually meant 'vagina' according to British literature. 

A picture of the foot tattoo of Amanda Seyfried.
The foot tattoo of Amanda Seyfried.

As Seyfried grew very close with her co-stars, they actually became best friends. She has stated that the word minge doesn't mean anything in U.S. where she mostly resides. But she also doesn't have problems if they think that the word refers to a female's private organ. 

Therefore, according to her, she got the tattoo so that she could commemorate her friendship with her friends.

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