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Amada Lee Gosling - Facts About Eva Mendes' Daughter With Ryan Gosling

Published Mon Feb 15 2021 By Aashika
Amada Lee Gosling - Facts About Eva Mendes' Daughter With Ryan Gosling

People knew Amada Lee Gosling as the second child of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. She got the attention of the media and the public by her parent's name. Her father and mother are promising actors in the Hollywood industry.

On 29th April 2016, Mendes and Gosling welcomed their daughter into this world. Amada is currently four years old and her zodaic sign She has the eldest sister, Esmerable Amada Gosling. 

Let's look at some info to know closely about Amada Lee Gosling.

Meaning of Her Name 

The first name "Amada" is of Spanish origin, means "beloved", her name is kept behind Eva's grandmother's name. Her middle name "Lee" means "Clearing; Meadow". 

Plays Piano

Mendes and Gosling's daughter Amada is learning to play the piano which we can see on her mother's Instagram account. The video where Eva posted on her social account in 2020 by appreciating her daughter, with the caption 

"Trying to keep things light at home with my two little ones. Nothing like some old Cuban music to do the trick. And yes that's my 3-year-old on the piano."

Relationship of Amada's Parents

The Canadian-actor, Ryan Gosling and actress Eva Mendes are in a relationship since 2011. The couple met at the first on the set of the movie "The Place Beyond the Pines" (2012). 

In the movie, they worked together in the role of lovebirds. Slowly, reel chemistry became real which has been now nine years. The couple is planning on getting married soon, hope they will tie the knot soon. 

A picture of Amada Lee Gosling's parents Ryan Gosling and actress Eva Mendes.
Image Source: E! News

Sister: Esmerable Amada Gosling

She is the younger sister of Esmerable Amada with whom she is enjoying her childhood. Her eldest sister was born on 12th September 2014. 

The two are spending quality time and making their childhood memories. They spotted sometimes with their parents on social sites and walking on the street. 

Elder sister Esmerable Amada Gosling with their daddy.
Image Source: Familytron

Grand Parents

Amada Gosling is the granddaughter of Thomas Ray Goslinga, who was a traveling salesman for paper, and Donna Gosling was a secretary from her father's side. 

Likewise, her maternal grandparents are Eva Perez Suarez and Juan Carlos from her mother's side. Suarez served at Mann's Chinese Theatre while Mendez has a meat distribution business. 

Parents' Net Worth

Without any doubt, we can tell that Amanda Lee Gosling is living a luxurious lifestyle with her parent's wealth. Her father is an actor and musician whose net worth is $70 million. 

His debut in the industry in 1993 from the show 'The Mickey Mouse Club'. Mr. Gosling has appeared in numerous series and movies such as "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", "Road to Avonlea", "First Man", "La La Land", and so on. Moreover, as a singer released own songs "City Stars", "A Lovely Night", and many other. 

On the other side, her mother has an impressive amount of net worth $20 million. Her source of income is her career as an actress, model, and singer. Also, she is a homeware designer and businessman. Since 1998, she started appearing in the series and movies. 

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