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Get to Know Allison Wardle - Facts and Pictures of Graham Wardle's Wife

Published Tue Dec 15 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Allison Wardle - Facts and Pictures of Graham Wardle's Wife

Allison Wardle came into the limelight after getting married to Graham Wardle. Her husband is a renowned actor who has been portrayed in the series 'Summer's End' and 'The Starting Gate' for which he was nominated for LEO Award. 

The pair have been in married life since 2015 and is happily living. They spotted together at the events of Hollywood. Before getting married, Wardle was living a normal lifestyle with her family. 

Here is some information that people want to know about Wardle. 

Estimated Net Worth

Wardle has $500 Thousand as a net worth which she has been earning through photography. She is an excellent photographer which we can see on the Instagram account of Graham Wardle. 

She has also appeared in the movie 'Land od Women' along with Adam Brody and Meg Ryan. While her husband's net worth is $3 million whereas his annual salary is around $200 thousand. 

Married Life With Wardle

Allison Wardle got married to actor, Graham Wardle in April 2015. The couple has not shared their relationship history though. 

They wedded in a private ceremony including their close friends and family. For 5 years, the pair are enjoying married life and seen happy at the events. 

Allison Wardle with her husband Graham Wardle at the event.
Image Source: Pinterest

Understanding and Supportive Life Partner

There is a quote, "Behind every successful man there is a woman", which has been proved by Allison. She is a support to him in every struggle. As we know that Wardle's wife is introvert but to be with Graham in his success, she attendants numerous occasions hand in hand with him at some public events and awards galas. 

They were present at the Calgary International Film Festival's season 10 premiere of the Heartland series on 2 October 2016 hand in hand. 

Husband's Career in Industry

Graham Wardle is one of the promising actors, filmmakers, and photographers. The Canadian actor's first role came in the series 'The Sentinel' in 1998.

After that, he has worked in numerous famous series and films like 'The New  Addams Family', 'Heartland', 'That One Night', and so on. Not only from an acting career but he also is producer and co-founder of Entertainment Company.

Graham Wardle in the series 'Heartland'. 
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Enjoys Private Life 

She lives in a low profile and keeps a distance from the media. Besides appearing on the programs, Wardle does not have an account on social pages such as Instagram and Twitter. She also has not revealed any information about her family background.  

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