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Facts About Allen Payne - Everything You Need to Know About Him

Published Wed Sep 15 2021 By Kri
Facts About Allen Payne - Everything You Need to Know About Him

Allen Payne African-American actor, kind in nature was born in America is one of the most loved actors among a lot of people. He has the unique skill of making viewers laugh with just his acting.

He is an idol and a motivational figure for the upcoming actors as he has been through the worst times emerging victorious and building his career to success through various films and television.

Allen who is also known by his nickname Al started his career in acting through crime drama films. He is one of those actors who has a very rare talent who has the ability to turn any insignificant role into a memorable role by his outstanding performance.

Net Worth

It is estimated that Allen Payne has a net worth of $6 million-dollar as of 2021 of which almost every penny he earned was through movies and television shows. Faced with many obstacles and challenges in his early days he earned this net worth all by his hard work.

Allen Payne red carpet appearance
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He also achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a really cool actor through his determination and motivation. He remains powerful and constantly appears in numerous films and Series.

Personal Life- Husband and Children

Allen Payne is married to lovely Janine Payne. He does not desire to disclose much of his personal life which is why the date and status of his marriage are still unknown. They are parents of two children named Malik and Jazmine Payne. 

The family did have some troubles or struggles in the early days but recently they have been living a happy and prosperous life.

Allen Payne with his wife Janine Payne

There has been a rumor of him being Gay at some point. However, the actor himself never spoke anything about it, and also the fact that he is a married man makes this rumor false. Due to the fact of him having a family with two kids and a wife we can with no doubt say that he is not gay and very much straight and happy as well as a prosperous person. 

Early Life

Allen was born on July 7, 1968, in Harlem, New York, United States. He was born in a small and beautiful area where many races reside happily. 

As he was the eldest sibling in his family of 4 people, he had to face many difficulties in his early life by nature. He was a very bright student in his school days but he was also known to spend half of his childhood and teenage on the streets.

He studied at Pennsauken High School in Pennsauken New Jersey. Since his childhood, he was very keen on acting and had a dream of someday becoming a superstar actor for which he practiced acting a lot in his home. 

Seeing Allen’s passion for acting his parents signed him up for one of the known acting schools of his place. After being enrolled in acting school his life took a drastic change. He was also a huge fan of music and sports and was also sighted attending music festivals and concerts oftentimes.


Allen Payne's career really started to grow in the year 1990 when he appeared in the television show ‘The Cosby Show.’ 

In 1992 he featured at the hit Tv series of his time "A Different World as Lance Rodman." He then actively participated in many films such as "All of us," "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and "Tyler House of Payne." He also produced countless shows.


1989Rooftops Kadim
1989CookieMinor Role
1991New Jack CityGee Money
1993CB4Euripides / Dead Mike    
1994Jason's LyricJason Alexander
1995The Walking DeadCole Evans
1995Vampire in BrooklynDetective Justice
1998A Price Above RubiesRamon Garcia
2000The Perfect StormAlfred Pierre
200130 Years to LifeMalik
2001CommitmentsVan Compton     
2001Blue Hill AvenueTristan
2003Men Cry in the Dark            -
2003Playas BallCedric Tinsley


1990–1992The Cosby ShowLance Rodman
1992The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirMarcus Stokes
1992A Different WorldLance Rodman
1995The Tuskegee AirmenWalter Peoples
1999Double PlatinumRic Ortega
2001CommitmentsVan Compton
2004All of UsLarry
2004CSI: NYWillie Chancey
2007–2012, 2020–presentTyler Perry's House of PayneC.J. Payne
2018Tyler Perry's The PaynesC.J. Payne

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