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Get to Know Late Allen Bonet - Lisa Bonet's Father, Former Opera Singer Who Died in 2018

Published Tue Jan 12 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Late Allen Bonet - Lisa Bonet's Father, Former Opera Singer Who Died in 2018

Allen Bonet was one of the popular opera singers of African American heritage. He is better known as the father of Lisa Bonet, who is known as an actress of "The Coby Show".

The singer was born to parents George Bonet and Jennifer Abbey on 13th February 1935. His birthplace is Dallas, Texas, United States. He got immense fame as the father of a celebrity daughter. 

Let's look at some info to known more about Bonet. 

What's His Net Worth?

Allen Bonet had $500 thousand before he left this world. He made his income from his music career. He was an opera singer who has sung the songs like 'Serenade', 'The Atlas', 'Love's Message', and 'My Abode'. His track can listen on the Youtube channel named "Allen Bonet".

Likewise, his daughter Lisa Bonet has an impressive amount of net worth $14 million which she accumulated through her professional acting career. 

In 1987, she got her first role as Denis Huxtable in the television industry in the show, "The Cosby Show". After that, the actress appeared and was portrayed in numerous movies and series.  

Married Twice in Life

An opera singer was married twice in his life. His first wife is Arlene Joyce Litman was a music teacher of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage from Pennsylvania. 

The couple met each other by being in the same field. They tied their knot on 12 June 1967, in Francisco, California. After years, their conjugal life began falling and got separated.

Former wife  Arlene Joyce Litman with daughter Lisa Bonet.
Image Source: Pinterest

After the failure of his first marriage, Bonet moved on in his life with a lady, Deborah Church. His second wife's info has not been revealed yet. But, the couple was blessed with seven children who are half-siblings of Lisa. 

Father of Eight Children

Bonet is the father of eight children, six daughters, and two sons. His first child is Lisa Bonet who is with his former wife, Litman. 

Later, he welcomed the other seven children, Anjanine Bonet, Bria Bonet, Chiara Bonet, Kadhja Bonet, Aleia Bonet, Kaemon Allen Bonet, and Kolin Bonet. His children are successful in their life and have been living a private life. 

Grand Children 

Lisa's father is the grandfather of her three children, Zoe Kravitz, Lola Momoa, and Nakoa-Wolf Momoa. With him, all three grandchildren spend quality time and had good bonding.

Grandchildren Zoe Kravitz, Lola Momoa, and Nakoa-Wolf Momoa.
Image Source: Just Jared

Tragic Death 

On 9th November 2018, Allen Bonet passed away in Los Angles, California, United States. At the age of 81, he got a heart attack after being ill for many years. 

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