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Facts About Alix Angelis - Beautiful Columbian-American Actress

Published Fri Jun 18 2021 By Aashika
Facts About Alix Angelis - Beautiful Columbian-American Actress

Alix Angelis is a Colombian- American actress who is worldwide famous for her remarkable performance on the "Sunset Strip" in 2007, "Momma's Redemption" 2009, "Love Last Resort" 2017. 

She was born on 11th Mar 1973 in Gainesville, Florida, United States of America. She is the daughter of James Angelis who is an Air Force Major Flight Nurse and Diana Angelis, an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel System Engineer. 

Similarly, Angelis studied Environmental Studies at UCSB and graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theatre Wing.

Let's grave some awesome facts about her:

Net worth

"Momma's Redemption" actress, Alix Angelis has an estimated net worth of $7,00,000 which is accumulated from her acting career. She made her first debut in the TV series "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" in the year 2007. Later, she has done many series and movies such as "Love's Last Resort", "Camp Hero-Time", "Visible Scars", "The Magnificent" and many more. 

Besides it, she is also an author who publish books "You Die First", "Burying Amber", and "An Engagement", and so on. The multi-talent actress has different sources of income producers of some shows.  

Alix Angelis in the film "Love's Last Resort" in 2017.
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Married Life 

On 11th October 2014, Alix Angelis got married to her long-time lover, Vincent Cardinale. They met for the first time on a movie set and began dating. She looks absolutely flawless in a white bridal gown with open hair and a groom with a black suit makes picture-perfect looks. 

Currently, the couple enjoying their married life spending quality time on a different romantic vacation. Completing their 6 years of marriage anniversary  Alix shares lovely pictures with the caption "Deciding to spend my life with you was a really good decision, It still feels like this. Happy Anniversary @vinnycardinale!". They haven't share any children yet. 

Alix Angelis with her husband, Vincent Cardinale at the events.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Famous Sister

Angelis has grown up with her lovely twin sister, Kris Angelis, who is a singer-songwriter and actress. She has shared a screen with her sister "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". They both shared a strong bond usually shared their pictures on social media.

Alix Angelis with her identical twin sister, Kris Angelis with their pets.
Image Source: Instagram (@alizangelis)


The talented actress has won the Jury Award in the category Best Actress for "An Engagement" in 2013 and also being nominated for Best Actress for the same film in Burbank International Film Festival in 2013. 

Pet lover 

Apart from writing and traveling, she is also a pet lover. She has a lovely cat name Mercutio, who shared the picture on national pet day with a little cat. She has a cute puppy with Chihuahua breed name "Kabooms". 

Social Media

Alix Angelis is regularly active on social media. She has more than 3.8k followers on Instagram and over 1.7k followers on her Twitter account with username @AlixAngelis.  

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