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About Alisyn Camerota - She Faced So Many Misfortunes But Won It All

Published Mon Sep 21 2020 By pratikshya

Alisyn Camerota is a popular television personality and journalist, who is anchoring the news for Fox News Channel. She has been associating with the journalism field for three decades. 

She was born on 21st June 1966, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, United States of America. Her star sign is Gemini. She grew up along with her brother and two older sisters. She is the wife of investor Tim Lewis.

Let's look at 10 amazing unknown facts of Camerota:

What's Her Net worth and Earnings?

CNN's morning show 'NewDay' anchor, Camerota has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million. Her basic salary is between $67K to $95K. 

She has been able to accumulate such a massive wealth from her career in journalism and television anchoring. She is also a novelist that was selected by NPR as one the bests of the year. 

Likewise, her husband is also an investor and partner of Southfield Capital. His estimated net worth is $2 million. 

Spokesperson for Resolve

Alisyn Camerota is also renowned as a board member and spokesperson for RESOLVE. It is an organization which is established in 1974 by Barbara Eck, which stands for women who are facing problem infertility. 

Camerota has to face the problem in past she helps other women to overcome family problems, access to care, and many awareness programs. 

Speaking for women who are facing problem infertility. 
Image Source: YouTube 

Author of  "Amanda Wakes Up"

The popular journalist is the author of "Amanda Wakes Up". She began her writing journey from her collecting notes on the experience of work. The notes developed into a story. The book is all about Amanda who works as a journalist and struggles in her works.

Alisyn Camerota's book 'Amanda Wakes Up'.
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Life Partner: Tim Lewis

Camerota is married to Lewis who is an investment manager as well as an actor. The couple tied a knot in 2002. Since then the couple is spending a blissful moment with his husband. 

Alisyn Camerota and her husband Tim Lewis.
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How Did Alisyn Camerota Believe in Love?

Mrs. Lewis is inspired by her friend and coworker Maria Villalobos, a person who made Alisyn to fell in love with Tim. In a 2016 article for CNN, she said that three of them went on business trips together and spent quality of time. 

At the wedding ceremony of Villalobos, Alisyn was invited where she felt that watching Matt and Maria's marriage gave her a vision of how to act as a partnership. Which helped her in 18 years of married life. 

A wedding picture of Maria Villalobos where Alisyn attendant and her love life changed. 
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Mother of Three Children 

Alisyn is a proud mother of three adorable children. She gave birth to beautiful fraternal twins daughters named Francesca and Alexandra in 2005. Later she gave birth to son Nathaniel in 2007. She has well managed her professional life as well as her personal life. 

Her Three children Francesca, Alexandra, and Nathaniel Lewis. 

Struggle With Infertility 

Camerota has mentioned her struggle to get pregnant during the TODAY show interview. She and Lewis spent three years struggling to conceive. She used the NBC interview to talk about the importance of having a support team whiling battling fertility issues. 

She got pregnant twice through Vitro fertilization, unfortunately, she has to face miscarriages twice. Her husband was a support system in her hard time. Finally, she got pregnant with twin daughters after the fourth time IVF cycle. She got pregnant a second time with her son. Now she is a loving mother of three children. 

Sexual Harassment 

Being a celebrity, she is also an idol who has been a very strong and inspiring woman. However, she has been a victim of some sexual harassment in her life. 

She was sexually harassed by the CNN anchor former Fox News chief Roger E. Ailes in 2017. She made this charge a few years after leaving Fox News for CNN. Similarly, it is proven that Ailes has also accused the other six women too.

For the second time, Camerota has been harassed during the Mirror Awards ceremony CNN boss Jeff Zucker allegedly made a "sexual joke" about Camerota. She, however, took Zucker's comments normally.

Lavishing House 

TV Anchor Camerota is living a lavishing lifestyle with her husband and three children. The couple purchased the house for $3 million which is now worth nearly $3.3 million. It is located in Manhattan to Westport, Connecticut. The houses consist of 6 bedrooms, 8.5 of Bathroom which is expanding in 6,469 square feet.

House in Westport, Connecticut. 
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Social Media 

Alisyn Camerota is active on her social media account. She usually posts amazing photos and news headlines status. She has over 54.7K Followers on Instagram and 55K followers on her Facebook pages. 

She took a break from her twitter account because in past she had been suffered from trolls. 

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