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Meet Alicia Cargile - Former Girlfriend of Kristen Stewart

Published Mon Dec 02 2019 By DGM
Meet Alicia Cargile - Former Girlfriend of Kristen Stewart

Alicia Cargile is a famous American visual effects producer of television and film industry who is most precisely renown as the ex-girlfriend of the 'Twilight' star, actress Kristen Stewart.

Cargile was born on the 3rd of September 1986, in the United States. Currently working for Be Grizzlee, here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Alicia Cargile holds an estimated net worth of $2 million from her successful career as a visual effects producer working in both big and small screen.

Ex-Girlfriend : Kristen Stewart

The 33 years old rose to fame after she dated the beautiful and popular actress, Kristen Stewart. It was back in 2015 when people started speculating that Kristen was dating her close pal, Alicia. And as the Stewart confirm the fact that the two indeed were going out, the rumors turned out to true. 

A picture of Alicia Cargile with her ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.
Alicia Cargile with her ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.
Image Source: E News

In July 2016, Kristen confirmed in an interview with Elle U.K. that she was deeply in love with Cargile. Back then, she also revealed that the two were on and off partners because of their frequent break ups and patch ups. But unfortunately, some months after the interview, the couple broke up and never patch up again.

Has Worked with Many Celebrities

Alicia is very familiar when it comes to working with famous celebrities of the era. She has worked on several music videos for some big names in the music industry. Namely, she has worked for the popular band Maroon 5 and singer Alicia Keys. Not only that, she also worked for Atlas Genius and Kesha in making their music videos. Therefore, she is no stranger if we talk about working with renown celebrities.

Artistic Person

The talented visual effects producer Alicia Cargile also has a god-gifted talent in designing and drawing things. She has made several drawings which includes realistic drawings of comical cartoons and people. She also uses her creativity while preparing any sort of dishes like cake, salad and desert. She can instantly think of designing amazing and interesting crafts with anything she could get.

Carried Kristen's Shoes on Cannes Red Carpet

A year after breaking up with the 'Personal Shopper' star, Alicia was again seen accompanying her former girlfriend back at the Cannes Red Carpet event back in 2016. Not only was she accompanying Kristen but she was also carrying a pair of comfortable shoes for Stewart in case if needed. 

A picture of Alicia Cargile accompanying Kristen Stewart along with an extra pair of shoes.
Alicia Cargile accompanying Kristen Stewart along with an extra pair of shoes.
Image Source: Wire Image

Fans and people had a very negative point of view regarding such behavior of the Kristen, who has a net worth of $70 million, because it appeared like she was making her ex-girlfriend and close friend work like her personal assistant.

Ambitious Person

Cargile is a very ambitious person when it comes to having goals and ambitions in life. When asked what was her ambition in life, she said that she wanted work with famous filmmaker Wes Anderson. Furthermore, she also revealed that she wanted to take her mother on a trip to Italy all by herself without anyone' support.

Kristen Stewart's ex-girlfriend's ambitions do no stop there as she also wishes to carve a skateboard by her own hands. She also has a wish to publish a book and adopt a dog. Lastly, she has an ambition that everyone in this world needs to have which is always being happy.

Social Media Presence

When it comes to having accounts on trending social sites, Alicia Cargiledoesn't have any account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. She previously had an Instagram account but deleted it after she gained huge attention and fame by dating Stewart. However, she has an account on Tumblr, a social networking site like Facebook. She has uploaded some pictures of her on the account.

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